Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

September 14, 2012

The way things work out

By Ray Day
For the Kokomo Tribune

— Have you ever sat down and wondered about things that happen at the worst times? Have you found yourself rushing to the little boy’s room and the phone two rooms away starts ringing?

Do you rush to the phone and you find out it is one of those charge companies wanting to tell you the big news? First off, I don’t like when banks and charge companies disturb what free time I have so they can do me a favor and quit calling.

Or it is one of those poll takers who wants to know if you are going to vote in four months. First off, they can take me off their list as I am an loyal American and I vote in all elections. So get off my back and take me off your list.

Was that phone call so important to interrupt me?

How about those times when you want to go out and do some yard work and about the time you get everything started, there is someone who comes up and wants to spend the day talking. My goodness, they can see I am busy, and they could just say “hello” and leave or offer to help me finish my work. You can talk and work if both sides do it. But it won’t happen any other way.

How about when you are in the kitchen trying to cook the dinner for your loved one and you find that after getting everything ready, you are missing some of the things needed to make the dinner a success? And there are times when the food you fix is not what is wanted by the other one and you either ditch it or find someone who is looking for something to eat. I solve that problem by putting the food in freezer bags and storing them for pot luck day. Good way of saving money at the grocery store, too. I can go to my freezer, get out enough bags and get the microwave ready and have a meal fit for a king.

There is another thing that bothers me. Why are they are so secret about what they see on the moon, Mars, and in space itself? You would think that they would want us to know that they were successful in getting to those parts of our universe. We did see the landing on the moon and the astronauts stepping foot on the moon. Or did they? Have we, the American people, been hoodwink into believing that we have been there and done that.

Another thing that I wonder about is the hanging of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the demise of Gaddafi at the hands of the people. Can we believe that they are gone and not just hiding somewhere till it is safe to come back on the scene and take over the countries again? There are still many who believe that it wasn’t Osama bin Laden who got taken out, and that may be so. There always were reports that these men had others who would take their places whenever there was the chance of being taken out. Hopefully, they are gone from this world.

I guess that in time, the world will be a safe place to live, but in the meantime, why should we, the people, live in fear of others who do not share the independence that we have? You come to America to live, you should have to declare your desire to take the means to be a citizen, which means you promise to honor and work in togetherness and respect the laws and of our land, with no exceptions.

As citizens, we follow an oath to keep and maintain the laws of the land which were set up for all and not just a few. It is not fair that outsiders refuse to honor our land.

• Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.