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March 1, 2014

RAY DAY: Bigot? Take it back

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Before I get into my regular column writing, I want to clarify something.

I stirred up a few readers last week who called me a bigot, anti-gay and a person who discriminates against others. I received some emails that disturbed me, that I could be disliked in our community. At least that is what those emails said.

So let’s get this thing going. Pertaining to the state constitution, the now-dead proposal against gay marriage is being taken by many to be discriminatory.

Sure there are times when maybe a law is outdated and maybe a change is needed to bring it up to today’s standards. And as our state gets older, we have people moving in and they find the laws that are on the books are ones they want to change to suit them or their causes. Once one of them speaks up and declares the laws we have lived under all these years do not apply to them, they want to change those laws.

Here in Indiana, you will find the grassroot of humanity that believes in the teachings they have been witness to all these years. They believe no changes in our constitution need to be applied. Once we start changing things, we open the door to changes that are not our way of having done things all these years, and soon “we” are being discriminated against.

You can ask anyone who has known me all these years and I doubt if there is even one time that I could be labeled a racist or a bigot. When I was a child up to the age of 16, I lived in a mixed neighborhood where there was a great relationship between all of us, regardless of color or creed. To this day, I could walk down those streets and there would be smiles and lots of hellos from those who still live there. We will be friends till the end of time.

Nowhere in my heart or body is there anything about me that would warrant the reason to give me that label. So to you who have given me that label, shame on you.

Now to get back to my life here on earth. Let’s remember those days of old when I was a young man, found the pretty lady named Ramona who has been by my side all these 57 years.

If I had to do it all over, I would make the same choice as I did before.

We had two wonderful daughters, Deborah and Patricia, from this bond. And through the years there has been illness, but we are still here feeling that same bond as before.

Debbie has come home to help me with her mother, and she is that close companion that Ramona needs to have. We lost Patty in 1994 due to cancer, and she also was a wonderful lady whom we miss very much.

Patty was a school bus driver, and when I found out she was going to do that job, I told her she was not strong enough to drive a bus. She told me these words: “Daddy, I am a Day and we can do anything.”

I have had a great life enjoying the gifts from God only he can give me. That, my friends, is only a segment of my life as I walk this path that is about as narrow as it can be without falling off. I can truly say life has been good even through those times of illness. Just maybe I will get to spend more time here.

Know that I treat my fellow man with grace and respect. God bless.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.