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December 21, 2013

RAY DAY: The start and the finish

Kokomo Tribune

---- — It was July 1, 1937, in a house on North Purdum Street, and the ones in the home were waiting for the cries of a newborn baby in the family.

Those in the house were members of the Day family, and two brothers were sitting in the next room while their mother was giving birth to another child, who would be loved by the mother and father till the end of time. The father waited until he was called in to help with the delivery.

In this family, brothers and sisters got their call Home early. Brothers Ernest and Robert were the only ones left to greet this new child into the family. Suddenly, there was a cry from the bedroom, and the father came out and said, “It’s a boy.”

That new born child was me, Raymond, and I started my time here on earth with a family who loved each other and would until they made the journey Home. Margaret Lois, Betty Lou, Christine Maxine, Everett and Walter Clyde had spent a little time in the family before passing on, and only Ernie and Bob were there to greet me on my first day on earth. Later on, our mother gave birth to six more babies: Deloris, Mary, Neva, Wanda, Russell and John.

God sent all these new gifts to our mother and father, Roscoe and Lucille Day. As the five who passed on before my birth, three more have gotten their call Home; only two girls and two boys remain. God had given many gifts to our family, and he reserved the right to recall them when it was time to leave here and go Home.

Our brothers and sisters all had their own families to care for, and as time goes on so does the sending of new souls to those families to love and to cherish. In my own family, Ramona and I had two daughters, Deborah Loretta and Patricia Ann. Debby is still with us, but Patty was called Home at the age of 34; she had two children, Amanda and Matthew who, once grown up, were given gifts from God that were Evan and Audrey, born to Amanda and Mark, and Braylen, born to Matt and Asby.

And so the family grows with new gifts from the God we know and cherish and believe in. After all these gifts, how can anyone not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ? How can anyone not believe in how our life here on earth is a gift sent by our Creator to love and to remember, even though many of them are now in heaven?

Do we just shake off the remains of their departure and forget what they meant to each of us? Do we lock the files up and never look at them again? And will we get to receive the call Home as they did, without honoring our Lord and denouncing the devil? Those are questions each of us has to have before we pass on.

As for myself, I have asked and received forgiveness from our Lord. At the age of 76, I have had a great life, and I am not afraid of getting the call. That is life for each of us: We are born and we pass on when our time comes.

I will not give up on life just because of the illness that has me now. I go to sleep at night after my prayers and, if it is time, then I believe that my soul will go Home.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.