Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 26, 2013


Kokomo Tribune

---- — I am going to get something off my chest before it makes me explode inside.

As everyone knows by this time, the people we elected have been playing kids’ games in Washington, D.C. The latest playground pastime is over ... but maybe not.

Those people we chose to represent us have been on a crusade to not do anything that would put strength back into their positions. That is just plain wrong.

Sure you don’t like the president, and you have shown that whenever you come up against one of his proposals. And, yes, our leader in the White House hasn’t really done much to make things better.

But what really is your problem, Congress? Is it because he is of color? Or is it that he is a Democrat?

I voted for the man because the other one in the other party was just not the man for the job. I chose the one who would represent all instead of a few.

Now, I have to admit: He really has not done the job that I wanted to see. But he is our president until the day he leaves office, and being Americans, we should honor him with our thoughts instead of running him down every time he wants to get something done. After all, he and the people in the House and the Senate are our voices in how we want our country to run.

But also, he needs to stay in our country instead of taking all those trips to other countries. We elected him to live in the White House, not a big airplane.

The thing happening now in our nation’s capital is telling the other countries that we don’t know how to live and rule in a democracy, and those roaches lying in the cracks and corners of our beloved country are just waiting for that good time to hit us with a load of the hatred underlying our children, our religions and our land.

Do we just sit by and allow this to happen, or do we tell those people in both parties that enough darn foolishness is enough and, come election time, we go to the polls and tell them to get their suitcases packed because we don’t need them anymore?

Believe it or not, folks, those people who should be doing the right things are some of the highest paid officeholders, and the insurance they have is so much better than what we the people have. Is this mess happening just because of Obamacare? Is it worth all the mess right now in our government to do what is going on right now? Have most people been fooled by the so-called tea party?

Folks, you need to watch the ringleaders of that faction with utmost caution. I will get hate mail for saying that, but I do believe it is true.

As I have stated many times, you run for office in your party and once you are elected, then you are our representative. Government of the people cannot be run by the parties. Take a look at those special interest groups that are hanging around to see how much they can get out of those they helped elect.

We have to try and bring peace back into the two factions that, right now, are wrecking our prestige and honor throughout the world. We have had for a long time been looked up to as the one to copy.

And Congress, if you don’t start acting like you really want those positions, we can change all that come the next election.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.