Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 9, 2013

RAY DAY: To vote or not to vote

By Ray Day
Guest columnist

---- — Sometimes I seem to put my foot in my mouth without taking off my shoes. When the things I write about get into someone else’s craw, I hear from the ones who have the guts to advise me on my columns, and that is good. For that to happen, the one on the other end has to read my column, and that is great. That means that I have a reader base and lots of good people giving me things to write my next column on.

So this past week, I have received many emails from my readers giving me advice, and none of them did so with harsh words. Just to set the record straight, I am a man who votes down the party line each spring and then in the fall, after much consideration, I go to my heart and my knowledge and I vote for the one who I think will do the best job of representing me and the rest of you out there. And I can say that there have been times when, after a year or two, I have to question myself about why I voted the way I did.

I am not saying I was wrong, but I am saying that I could of made a better choice IF there was someone else who was capable and running for that same office. In my lifetime so far, I can truthfully say that I think I made a good choice in the times I voted in the elections. At least I did vote, so I can’t really say that my vote was wrong, if there had been a lot more voters casting their vote on Election Day. My parents taught me to always be sincere in who I befriended because there might be a good reason for others to befriend me. They might want my friendship long enough to coach me into voting for their choice or even for themselves. Really folks, that just will not be the way and the reason that I select the one to represent me as president, senator or representative in Congress. I am my own man and Lord be willing, I will exercise my selections my way and not someone else’s way. So let’s just mark my last election as one where I might have made a bad choice, but at least I voted. Enough on that as I know there are many good people out there who do the same as I do and there are many more out there who vote a straight ticket regardless of who is running for that position. Now don’t get me wrong folks, you have the right to vote your way because you at least vote and that is good. But also you have to allow me the same right, don’t you?

The best thing about writing this column is the large amount of good, honest people who I meet through it. I have been asked to speak at several functions but, as you know, my health is just not that great and I would hate to say that I would be there and then not be able to do so. But when I am in the stores or at the ballgames, it gives me great pleasure to have you come up to me and talk a while about my life and yours and my column, which goes out to you each Saturday morning.

And when someone like Glenn and Waneta who are in their 90s and Thelma, who was 100 last January, takes the time to let me know their thoughts about what I write, I love it. And when some youngster starts asking me questions about what is coal or did I really do the things I write about, I am overcome with glee because that tells me I am getting out to just about everyone, and that, too, is great. So as I end this week’s column and I send it in to one of the nice people at The Tribune, I write the way I feel and from my heart. Just read it and advise me your thoughts.

• Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.