Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

April 13, 2013

RAY DAY: It's time to clean up D.C.

— It seems to me that whatever is good for the nation overall, we find our elected officials listening to those who don’t care one bit about the middle class, and we suffer for it.

We pay large salaries to the people in the House and Senate, and we get nothing for it. They have better health insurance that we don’t have. They do not have to worry about high medical bills, because the insurance they have is the very best there is. Add to that, our president and his Cabinet are paid a lot more money than we ever will, and it is time to tell all of them that we are sick and tired of worrying whether our medical bills are paid.

Why is this happening in the greatest country in the world? Why are we allowing it to happen? Why don’t we as those who put them in office start pulling them out? Why should we have to worry about the ones we trusted on Election Day and who really are not giving us our money’s worth? What can we do to change the system back to what it was 20 years ago? Has the door been closed so that we the people cannot enter?

Will our children live with hands out, because we can’t pay our bills and buy food for them? A cold house with no heat should not be our legacy to them. So what do we do?

First off, we need to start cleaning up what is wrong in Washington, D.C., and let those lazy bums know their jobs depend on them working to solve our problems. That means the president and his Cabinet must make every attempt to work with the House and then the Senate. It means that some of the things he wants for all of us might have to be put aside until we are back on our feet. You can’t spend money without having it first.

Then we need to move out the speaker of the House and put someone in that position who will at least make an attempt to work with everybody. We need to go to the Senate and tell the old men their days are about over, and if they want to continue serving us, they are going to have to clean the table first.

We have people who are not serving us in a way that improvement is seen on the horizon. I, like you, have sat back too long and watched our country go down hill. Yes, the greatest country in the world is on its way to a lower spot due to those who do not serve the American people in the proper way.

What I have stated here is my own opinion. I don’t talk revolution. What I believe is that, through peaceful means, we can get our country back on its feet just by checking the arteries and the blood supply it has to work with. Like the heart in our bodies, we have to have a checkup at times when stress has been holding it down. Like the mind in our bodies, we need to start using the things we believe in, and like the arms and legs of our bodies, we need to exercise our right to have people serving us in a way that benefits all of us.

It really is very simple, because we know that the body we have there in our government needs a tune-up, and we need to do it now and not when it has an attack.

Being an American sometimes is taken for granted. Acting like an American sometimes means we exercise our options before there are none. God, please bless the USA.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.