Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

January 18, 2014

RAY DAY: Bless those who care

Kokomo Tribune

---- — As the sun shines in the daytime, so does the darkness come to us each night. We live our lives as how the season is.

Recently we experienced a tornado at a time when we would of had late fall weather. And just the other week, we experienced an early winter storm that just about put us in a time of lost power, with ice and snow covering the streets and yards of just about everyone here in the Midwest.

Last year we endured many days without rain, and the air was so full of steamy moisture, we used the air conditioner just about every day. Many of our gardens suffered a loss due to the conditions that it had to grow in. So was this a bad time, or one that opened our eyes to the fact that anything at anytime can come forth in our everyday lives and we have to learn to adjust to that fact?

The tornado was one that was bad enough for many in our area, yet it did not “qualify” for aid from our government because of the guidelines it uses to decide on that possible help that our tax money pays for. Yet when it comes to us here in America, we dish our money and food to countries that are too lazy to do it on their own.

And the winter so far has been terrible on people who are legal citizens, as they had to resort to living in cold homes and not having the things that we give freely to other countries. Our people actually gave of themselves with long hours and cold bodies to get the power back on and the streets cleaned enough to allow others to go somewhere to be fed and have warm blankets to cover with during the days and nights.

Our people in in our service departments did a great job against big odds to get things back to normal. Our Police, Sheriff, Fire and Street departments all pulled their weight to try and get us back to normal, and I commend them for that.

And there were those good people who went out and helped clean up the areas so that we could get out. In our neighborhood, our next door neighbor, Dave, was out there using his own equipment to get our streets cleaned enough so that if we needed to get out for an emergency, we could. He is one great guy to do that and never does he ask for thanks. Hope we have him for a long time, as he and others throughout this city of Kokomo seem to be ready to help where help is needed.

I guess what I am trying to say we have many good people throughout the land who always seem to be in the right spot, ready to help those in need. But that is where I am going in this column. I am not saying we should not help those in other countries, as I am sure that they do need it. Of course, just about in all those countries, there are people who live high off the hog and who have it all and do not help their own, as they should.

Through the years we give just about everything including our soldiers’ lives to those who one day will be ready to test us. I cannot see building up those who, once strong enough, would be ready to take us down.

It is time folks for us as Americans to let other countries know they need to try and take care of their own, and it is time we put our own people at the top of the food line.

And to do that we need to let our own loafers start doing for themselves, which in the long run will make all those good people who give of their own time to help others a better look at who they are helping.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.