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August 24, 2013

RAY DAY: Mom, Dad did all they could

Kokomo Tribune

---- — As I go back in time, I have certain memories that mean so much to me — like the young years, when Mom and Dad were the ones who had control of just about everything in our lives.

It was a time of two loving parents who took on the task of bringing up their children in the right way.

Parents back then wanted more for their children, but many times it was just wishful thinking because money was hard to come by. But the love that a mother has for her children goes far in the way they are taught so that when they grow up, they will be able to make their mark in life.

The fathers in the family many times were so busy trying to make enough money, there would be several days before they had time to show their love for the children. But that love was there. And as I grew older, I got wiser and witnessed with my own eyes what my father had to do to fulfill his obligation to his family. I remember many things about my mother and father that will forever be in my memories of a life with good parents and lots of family companionship.

One day when Dad was in the hospital, he found out he needed surgery, and that sort of scared him as he had never been known to ever be sick enough to need surgery. I was in the room the day before his surgery, and as Mom was over by the window, Dad motioned me to lean down and he gave me a slip of paper. I put it in my pocket and was going to look at it when we left the room.

But Mom saw him pass that note and as we left, she wanted to know what it said. So I opened it up and looked at it and then gave it to Mom. She read it and then passed it back. I read the note and it said this; “Ray, they are going to cut me open tomorrow, but you don’t have to be here."

Mom looked at me and asked, “You know what he is saying, don’t you?" I said yes. He wanted me there and I would be here.

Several years later, when Dad was on his deathbed, I went in to talk with him, father to son, and we had a good talk. He said he was ready and he wasn’t scared, as he had had a good life with a wonderful wife and family. He passed away two days later.

Mom was alone a lot after that, not wanting to leave her home. But she took sick one day and was put in the hospital. She went into a coma for several weeks and, one night as I was sitting there with her, I was telling her what had been going on and how much I loved her.

While I had her hand in mine, I felt her grip my hand, just like she heard everything I said. She did come out of that coma one day and asked me if she could come home with Ramona and me and live with us. I said yes and then let the family know I would need help taking care of her.

Ramona did all she could, just like she would have done if it was her mother there. My brothers and sisters did their part in visiting and doing things for Mom that she needed. One day I went into her room and told her she needed to go back into the hospital. She passed away about a week after that.

I truly believe that Mom and Dad did all they could to train and love all of us kids and that they both reside with our Lord now. The path I walk now is a straight one without too many blockages on it. I will see those two wonderful people again.

Ray "Uncle Ray" Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.