Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

September 21, 2013

RAY DAY: Answers to my readers

By Ray Day
Guest columnist

---- —

Every once in a while, my readers write me and ask questions about me and about things that are most in my thoughts. I was asked the other day, "What are your thoughts about the Syria problem?" And, although the thought of using chemical poisoning is sickening to me, there is a chance that making a move toward that problem means we just might get ourselves in another war where nothing is accomplished except the killing of our brave service men and women. Unless we are in danger of them trying to take us over, we should stay out of there — unless it is a worldwide effort by all countries and not just us. Of course, if someone would check it out, they might find that many other countries have the capabilities of stockpiling the same killing agents. Let’s let those in that country fight their own battles and then, when that is done, we take another look. In all the wars we have been in, we are the ones who end up making that country livable again.

I was asked what was my most disappointing happening, and I have to say that losing our daughter Patricia to cancer was a blow that can never be forgotten, but we learn to cope with that loss. And losing my brother, Russell, to cancer last December was very hard for this old man to cope with. Losing Mom and Dad and other members of the family hurt a lot, but we know that sometime our parents will pass on to Heaven once their job is done here on Earth. We would like to think that our children will bury us, not the other way around. Three things in my life mean a lot to me and, naturally, my marriage to Ramona and the births of our two daughters, Deborah and Patricia, are those three things. Now having grandchildren and great-grandchildren have joined that list and God is good. The honor of doing well in school and receiving a scholarship to Indiana University was a high mark in my life as it showed that one can achieve when he or she has the proper schooling education, as I did.

About what I think about today's happenings in schools, I have to say that you don’t fix what is not broke. We have groups out there who want to change how we learn and many of them want to take the shortcut by installing the use of computers in all classrooms. Folks, you need to learn the basics like reading, writing, math, and English. The computer use should be on the end and not the front of the educational experience. You don’t let the horse push the wagon, you have the horse pull the wagon. It is no secret what I feel about those who would one day attempt to take us down. They would do it through our children and our churches, and then our members of Congress.

Getting to the use of the taxpayer’s money collected every year: that is a low point that makes no noise, until we start using it for things that it was not intended to be for. Too many times we throw that money away because of the clause that you use it for something or you lose it. What is wrong with having a savings account with that taxpayer money where it can stay until it really is needed? Why put all these plants and those dangerous dividers in the street when there is not even enough room for two lanes? One day we will have an accident that prompt us to ask, "Why was that ever done?" And as time slips by so quick, we see more and more coming into the USA and reaping what is not theirs to have. We allow our own here in the USA to go without and at the same time allow those who should not be getting it preference over us with free housing, free medical attention, and jobs that should go to those who are citizens. I guess we learn what is right or wrong from experience, and that hurts.

Ray “Uncle Ray” Day is a weekly contributor to the Kokomo Tribune. Contact him at uncleray@earthlink.net.