Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 6, 2013


Kokomo Tribune

---- — Student’s Name: Rachel McKinley

Parents: Cindy and Jim McKinley

High School: Kokomo High School senior

Career Plans: Business or Marketing

KACC Instructor: Mr. Mike Miller, Strategic Marketing

Internship Placement: Davis Dry Cleaners, 517 E. Lincoln Road, Kokomo, IN 46902

Phone: 765-453-4440

Supervisor: Susan You, Manager

Rachel McKinley’s thoughts:

“I have worked at Davis Cleaners for a year-and-a-half. A friend, who worked there, told me they were hiring, so I applied. On my first workday, I learned the basics. Now, I enter customers on the computer, tag and file the dry cleaning, and accept payments from customers. I don’t do any of the dry cleaning because it is done in the morning while I am at school. I enjoy working my shift and still having part of the evening to relax. My experiences at the Kokomo Area Career Center have helped me learn about situations that I have encountered at work. This job at Davis Cleaners helps me understand what a career in the business world would be like.”

Susan You’s comments:

“At Davis Cleaners we offer weekly specials. Men’s pants are two for $5.95 and shirts are every fourth one is free. Davis Cleaners is a family-owned operation. Rachel has been a dependable employee and she covers our afternoon shift. Because Rachel does such a good job, I am free to handle other business responsibilities. I complete the dry cleaning in the mornings, but Rachel handles all the other job duties while she is here in the afternoon. Being a [Kokomo Area] career center student on job study is valuable both for the business and Rachel because it allows her to come to work at an earlier time so she still has some of the evening. Rachel is a valued and trusted employee.”

This is one in a weekly series featuring a student and an employer involved in the Kokomo Area Career Center’s School-to-Work program. Any employer or student interested in the School-to-Work program should call James Stradling, KACC Director, at 765-455-8021.