Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

December 1, 2013

SCHOOL TO WORK: Brooke Ford explores career in child care

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Student’s name: Brooke Ford

Parent: Melissa Socher

High school: Kokomo High School junior

Career plans: Child Care Worker

KACC instructor: Mrs. Cathy Griffin, early childhood education

Internship Placement: (Kokomo High School)

2501 S. Berkley Road

Kokomo, IN 46902

Phone: 765-455-8040

Supervisor: Libby Saban, teacher

Brooke Ford’s thoughts:

I became interested in learning about people with disabilities because my sister’s friend has a daughter with autism. This is a good placement for me to learn more about a profession in this area. My first day in the classroom was a little hectic because the students were adjusting to me. Now, I am more comfortable. When I see the students in the hallway, it makes me feel good when they ask if I will be coming to their room that day. I have learned patience working in this setting. Mrs. (Cathy) Griffin taught us everything we needed to know to become good preschool teachers, so that knowledge helps me in the classroom. After I graduate, I hope to work in a preschool, so this internship will prepare me better to work with young children with special needs.

Libby Saban’s comments:

Our Life Skills class has had students involved with many activities involving the early childhood education classes. My students enjoy being part of another classroom while interacting with their high school peers. Many of our students also receive cosmetology services at the Kokomo Area Career Center so we have a good working relationship. Brooke helps the students with recreation and leisure activities, such as games and puzzles. She supervises different groups and explains the rules of the games to them. The students are comfortable with Brooke and are excited when they know she will be coming to our room to work. This internship will help Brooke in the future when she finds work in a preschool because she probably will have some students with a disability.

This is part of a regular series featuring a student and an employer involved in the Kokomo Area Career Center’s School-to-Work program. Any employer or student interested in the School-to-Work program should call James Stradling, KACC director, at 765-455-8021.