Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 28, 2010

Tri-Central teacher wins MAC grant

Tipton McDonald’s owner Rich Koopman recently surprised Tri-Central’s seventh grade English teacher, Cris Harlow, with a $500 check.

The big check was the result of a grant application made available to all teachers earlier this fall. After the award, the Tri-Central Community School corporation sweetened the deal by chipping in a matching grant.

The McDonald’s “Make Activities Count” (MAC) Grant is designed to help teachers overcome budget restraints to include “meaningful, hands-on activities” in the classroom. Harlow applied for the $500 grant by writing a paragraph about the activities she would like to incorporate into her classroom if she had two or three digital video recorders and editing software.

With the digital cameras and software, her seventh grade language arts students will produce their own videos. They will do projects like a “60-Minutes” type news program about life in Victorian England before they read Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” When studying grammar, students might write and perform raps about prepositions or adverbs and then upload their videos to the classroom website. Student speeches and presentations could be video taped for critique and improvement.

The students in Harlow’s classes are thrilled about the grant. One student asked, “You did this for us?” On behalf of current and future seventh graders, Harlow would like to thank McDonald’s and Tri-Central School Corporation for their generosity and support.

Tri-Central Principal Dave Driggs said Harlow is a very hard working and dedicated teacher for Tri-Central MS/HS. Harlow is in her second year of teaching for the corporation.