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February 27, 2014

SPOILER ALERT: Find out what happened on last night's 'Survivor'

Kokomo woman Lindsey Ogle cruises through, may have at least one rival already.

By Lindsey Ziliak
Kokomo Tribune

---- — A Kokomo hair stylist made her television debut on the two-hour premiere of "Survivior: Cagayan" Wednesday night and she managed to cruise through the episode untouched.

Lindsey Ogle, one of six members on the brawn tribe (brains and beauties are the other two tribes), may already have a rival, though.

She and Trish Hegarty were seen briefly on the episode arguing.

At 48, Hegarty is the oldest member of the brawn tribe. The pilates trainer was singled out at the beginning of Wednesday's premiere as potentially the weakest of the brawns.

It appears she thinks Ogle is among the laziest, though. While working at camp, Hegarty was seen prodding Ogle to gather firewood — implying that Ogle may not be doing her share of the work. Ogle, though, wanted to know why Hegarty was singling her out. Did Hegarty have a problem with her?

Ogle was quick then to let everyone know she did not like Hegarty, mocking her in front of her other tribe members and doing a mean impression of the woman.

"She needs to chill out," Ogle said. "I can't stand her voice. I can't stand her attitude."

Hegarty said Ogle hasn't seen anything yet.

"I'm from Boston, Mass," she said. "She hasn't met me yet. Because if I really snapped on her, she'd still be crying right now."

Viewers didn't get a chance to see how that argument might play out in tribal council, though. The brawn tribe avoided tribal council twice Wednesday night by placing second in the first immunity challenge and winning the second.

Police officer Sarah Lacina spurred them to victory with her puzzle skills.

Ogle told CBS before filming that if she wanted to win, she likely needed to build an alliance with someone more level headed. She described herself as a slave to her emotions.

Viewers haven't seen any clear alliances on the brawn tribe yet, but perhaps Lacina would be a suitable counterpart for Ogle.

Besides, Lacina seems to be targeting someone else already. She said she didn't trust teammate Tony Vlachos and for good reason. Lacina pegged him as a cop, and she called him out on it. Only he lied and said he was a construction worker, and it seems she may believe him for now.

Even if Lacina is going after him, it would have to be a blindside. Vlachos is holding the hidden immunity idol after being clever enough to suspect there would be a clue to its whereabouts in the tribe's reward basket.

Meanwhile, Vlachos is gunning for former NBA star Cliff Robinson. Vlachos wants to be king of the camp, and the jovial giant stands in his way. Other members of the brawn tribe have already made it clear that Robinson is loved by almost everyone.

Vlachos set up a peculiar spy shack, though, to dig up dirt he can use against Robinson.

It's still unclear who might be the first to go on the brawn tribe. Perhaps they can avoid eliminating anyone for a while, though, if the brain tribe continues to implode.

The self-proclaimed nerds lost two tribe members during the premiere and have no rice left after the nuclear engineer went nuclear and dumped it in the fire.

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