Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 30, 2013

There might be another way

By Michael C. Carson
Tribune columnist

---- — Ever come to a point in your life when you did not know what to do and you were very frustrated?

One night Simon Peter spoke to Jesus concerning his and his group's inability to catch fish. Jesus suggests another technique. Let’s look in on that conversation. Peter tells Jesus: “Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.” St. Luke 5:5

No matter how well we are able to discharge our duties and operate in our gifts from God, we will still sometimes be met with disappointments and setbacks. Those professional fishermen worked all night and caught nothing!

Sometimes God will permit us to be in situations where there appears to be no answer. We thought we knew what was needed to be done. It worked before — it has always worked before. But the more we tried the worse it became.

God asks us on occasion to take a major leap of faith. We always meet God when we come to the end of our wits and resources. These fishermen knew the best fishing holes. They knew how to use their equipment. They were experts at their trade, but no fish! How embarrassing it must have been for them to even fathom having to return home with no fish.

Often at the point when we want to give up is when God shows up, inviting us to embrace an alternative plan. Then it’s upon us to reply something in manner: “Well I’ve tried everything but God nevertheless at thy word I will try it!”

Sometimes we are asked to take a different direction in life. Sometimes we are called to follow a different course of action. Launch out into the deep and be willing to go beyond what used to work. Launch out into the deep and see the positive even in failure.

The Bible tells us that when Peter and those with him did what Jesus had asked of them, they caught plenty of fish. (St. Luke 5:6-7)

Friends, how easy it is to simply walk away from frustration. “I am done it’s not working and it’s is not going to work, and I am finished!”

Permit me to make a recommendation whenever we arrive at the address of “I quit.” Go home, pray, get quiet for a while, read some encouraging scripture, call your prayer/accountability partner, and do whatever else the Lord leads you to do to refocus.

Be diligent even when it appears that your efforts are gaining nothing. In the midst of a dry spell or a troubling period, continue seeking the voice of Jesus encouraging you to fight on. Though you sometimes come up empty handed in whatever you are doing, do not give up. Take time to retool, refocus, regroup, and follow the new way that God will lead you in.

The Refrain of a great church hymn goes: “Where He leads me I will follow, Where He leads me I will follow, Where He leads me I will follow; I’ll go with Him, with Him, all the way.

Peace with justice, be blessed real good, attend worship, and families matter.