Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

February 17, 2010

Nutrition is the key to Shape-Up success

Gray team leads as Week 2 closes


The Kokomo Tribune and Club Fitness 24’s Community Shape-Up participants have lost more than 260 pounds in the first two weeks of the contest, and Club Fitness 24 owner Chad Coy says the reasons are simple — hard work, a lot of sweat and most of all, nutrition.

“The people who are getting results are following the [nutrition] program,” he said. “The people who are not getting results are not following the program. That’s about as simple as I can make it.”

As the fitness contest heads into Week 3 — when we’ll do our first round of eliminations — Coy says nutrition will play a big part in who gets to stay in the competition. All competitors have the ability to stay in the contest — and we hope they do. They can, however, eliminate themselves if they do not maintain a passing grade on the online nutrition program, EasyClubFit, or do not log six exercise hours in the gym each week.

The 89 competitors are split into training teams that are looking to lose the most body fat in hopes of walking away with free memberships to Club Fitness and a huge prize package from local businesses.

The online nutrition program allows participants to log their food choices and activity as well as search for recipes, find motivation and create personalized workouts.

The site, run by fitness guru Dave Greenwalt, does not tell challengers what to eat and what to avoid. Instead, it teaches participants how many calories to consume per day and what should compose their daily nutrition.

“His system is to teach you how to manage portion control and the proper macronutrient breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and then understanding how calories come in,” said Coy. He says EasyClubFit doesn’t do all the work for you. It doesn’t give you a fish, he says. It gives you a fishing pole and teaches you to fish.

And many of the contest’s participants are learning, he said.

“To be honest with you, looking at the overall results I’m pretty pleased,” he said. “These people made some great results.”

Of the thousands of EasyClubFit users across the country, Shape-Up’s Amy Clifford scored the most Club Bucks last week and scored a cool $100 prize.

And still others are seeing their bodies transformed as fat melts away and is replaced by muscle — which is seven times smaller than a pound of fat. Some contestants have lost more than 5 percent of their starting body weight. For others, clothes are fitting for the first time in years, Coy said, after just two weeks.

Coy said he looks forward to seeing who has the drive and the discipline to remain in the contest for the remaining six weeks.

“The people who make the best results are doing what they are supposed to be doing,” he said. “The people not making the gains are the people not doing the work.”