Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

February 17, 2010

More than 80 set to ‘Shape-Up’ in fitness competition

Annual challenge gets a whole new look — and a lot more faces

By Erin Shultz

Last month, we sent out a call to the com-munity and chal-lenged the entire city of Kokomo to get a little healthier — and we’re pleased to say that the Tribune and Club Fitness 24 have the opportunity to work with more than 80 community members who accepted the call to be in our first-ever Community Shape-Up.

For two months, dozens of locals will compete to see who can slim down and shape up the most — and they’re all vying for free memberships to the gym and a prize package from local businesses.

Starting this week, challengers will compete in teams and complete two to three large-group personal training sessions at the gym, as well as three to four hours of cardiovascular work a week. They are also using Club Fitness’ state-of-the-art online nutrition system, EasyClubFit, to help teach them how to make the best nutritional choices for their bodies.

The person who loses the greatest percentage of starting body weight will walk — or sprint! — away with a year’s membership to CF24, as well as a smaller, healthier body. The team of people who lose the most will all receive six-month memberships to the gym as well.

The twist: If our participants don’t complete the required amount of exercise or use our nutritional program, they cannot compete in the contest any longer. (Cue music: Dum-dum-duuuuh!)

That’s why we need your help.

Following is a list of all the participants set to compete this year. They need accountability. That’s a huge part of making a weight-loss program successful and why Club Fitness 24’s personal trainers are so effective with their clients.

So check out who is competing and get in touch with them. Support them, encourage them, talk some trash, lift them up — whatever you can do to help them make it through eight weeks of intense training.

They’re going to need it, because the road to fitness is a long one — but one that’s completely worth it.

Check back every Tuesday for the next two months to see updates and photos on our Shape-Up participants as well as articles about the kinds of changes they are making.