Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

March 16, 2010

Trina Phillips-Nelson, in her own words:

“Many of us braved the weather for Saturday’s 5K race. We ALL finished. I cannot begin to tell you how humbled I am by the actions of my fellow ‘challenge-mates.’

“I was nearly one of the very last to finish the race. I was wheezing louder than a brass band and my left foot was in a continual cramp. I honestly thought that once I got close enough to the parking lot I might just give up and go to my car. Then I saw them — Heather, Rick, Kari, Christi, Amy, Laura and many more of my fellow Challenge participants (who had finished their race) and Chad and Carlos. They came back for me and a few others!

“They hollered encouraging words and then, to my amazement, they all fell in line and finished my race with me. They did not give up on me or the others trying their best to finish. When we came up over the last hill there were more challengers (Kalyn, Peggy, Ryan) and Nicole at the finish line — screaming their crazy heads off. ‘You can do it, Trina-Latte!’ (That’s the name of a shake that Nicole made up for me.)

“Saturday we were ALL one big TEAM. It didn’t matter what color your shirt was that morning — everyone cheered everyone else on to the finish line. THAT is what God means for us to do ... to lift one another up. I’d say that everyone did a great job of that Saturday morning.

“More than fitness is being ‘taught’ during this challenge, and I bet many of us will come away with great inspiration and renewed belief in ourselves and others.”