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August 10, 2012

Erin's column: 08.10.12 >> Blah, blah, blog.

By Erin Shultz
[friday] contributor

— Recently I decided to start a blog, because I like doing things more than a decade after everyone else has done them.

I’m probably also going to cut my hair into “The Rachel” and start wearing parachute pants, too. Because I can.

Seeing as most of the free world has a blog, there are multiple easy-to-use templates and I am pretty sure my Uncle Irvin maintains his own, I thought this couldn’t be too hard.

Here’s the thing about jumping onto a bandwagon that started rolling about 15 years ago: It’s crowded.

Every blog name I searched was already taken.

Every domain name I Googled had been snagged in 2005.

In fact, many of the good names had been taken, written and had gone on so long they had been shut down. That’s how late in the game I am. I think the phrase should be “better late than never, unless you’re super late. Then, just stay home.”

I was shocked erinshultz.com wasn’t taken, but then again no one in the history of the world has spelled my name correctly, so people would never make it there anyway. I passed on that one.

Drew and I asked one of my favorite bloggers, Casey Mullins, who runs a blog called Moosh in Indy, what her advice for naming a blog would be. She said to keep it clever and memorable and to avoid words like “mommy” and “chic.” I am neither, so it wasn’t a hard sell there.

I truly loved the name It Rhymes with Olive for a blog, since nothing rhymes with the word olive. Then my roommate pointed out that I named my dog Olive, so it would sound like my puppy is teaching a kindergarten class. Next.

I ultimately decided to call the blog Running An Erin — get it?! — and you can find it at www.runninganerin.com.

I hope you will log on and catch up with me if you’re bored because — and I sincerely can’t tell you how hard this is to type — next week will be my last at the Tribune. I have accepted a position as the communication and relationship director at the Kokomo YMCA and look forward to telling a new batch of stories there.

You can even stop in and see me if you want. You can’t miss me. I’ll be the one in the parachute pants with the Rachel haircut.

— Erin Shultz

[friday] editor/always late to the party.