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November 2, 2012

MISTY: Office antics get out of hand

By Misty Knisely

Kokomo — My trip to Florida was supposed to be a girls’ weekend with a few friends. At the last minute, though, we decided to let two kids tag along. I think they were middle-schoolers but I’m not sure. They didn’t talk a lot. In fact, they didn’t do a whole lot of anything. They mostly sat around, waiting to be carried somewhere.

You see, they were pictures of a co-worker’s two boys.

Yes, I took pictures of a co-worker’s kids on vacation with me. Why? Because she asked for it!

Here’s the thing: I have this really awesome doll in my office. He’s a hand-made, presumably one-of-a-kind, Kokomo Tribune doll. I found him at an auction. He’s a rolled up newspaper with a cheesy grin and bright red hair. I named him Reed. (Get it? Read? Get it?)

He’s awesome, and he makes me smile. I love him.

That, of course, makes him an easy target for my fellow office-dwellers. The worst perpetrator is an otherwise nice woman named Amy.

Over the summer, when I was off for the week, Amy tagged me in a photo on Facebook, with the status “Be afraid, Misty. Be very afraid.”

Confused by this, I opened the photo to find it was Reed! He was all buckled up in the front seat of her car. When I questioned where she was taking my favorite buddy, she said “he needed to get out of the office for a bit.”

The next day, I was tagged in another photo. This time, Reed was chilling on a floaty in the pool. “Fun in the sun,” it read.

I huffed and whined, but other than that, I had no recourse. I vowed I would get her back ... someday.

That day came last weekend. I swiped two wallet-sized photos off her desk when she wasn’t looking.

My first post was a photo of the boys buckled up in the plane seat. “Strap in, boys. The plane is about to leave! Next stop Florida!”

Several photos followed. One of them laying on the beach, “with sand up to our necks.” One at the restaurant, “where the chips are as big as our heads.” You get the idea.

A few hours after the first post, a photo of Reed appeared on my Facebook wall.

Seems that “touch me and die” Post-it note I put on him before I left didn’t faze her a bit.

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