Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

May 23, 2013

A day in the life

By Lindsay Eckert
Tribune lifestyle editor

Kokomo — My love for words was written into a hobby at an early age. I wrote stories about the nature I witnessed from my window, experiences I shared with my Pap and anything that came to mind. From age 9, most of my moments were stories my mind hadn’t written yet. For me, writing was the tool that enriched my experiences. If I went to the children’s museum and saw something that struck me, I’d write about it. Writing was a chance to relive something from the perspective of my words. Although I use my column as an opportunity to relive some of my favorite memories and examine certain ideas or happenings, it’s also a medium to enrich experiences. Often times in my column, words inspire the enhancement in my experiences; but once a month I’m doing the opposite. I’m letting the experiences inspire words and angles, like they often do in stories I write for Life and Style or Metro. Starting this month, I’ll feature a different perspective of the world through different jobs and write about my experience in that job for a day. My first stop for this monthly series in my column will be at WWKI as a DJ for a day. I’ll revisit my days in TV news when I woke up for my 4 a.m. shift at WISH TV 8 at 2:30 a.m., as I’ll likely be starting my day dark and early at 4 a.m. at WWKI.

Just as I’ll likely be taking your song requests for the morning show, I’m also taking your requests as to what career I should take on for the day. Just as much as my “Day in the Life” series is about writing of experiences, Kokomo Tribune is a local paper serving the experiences that make Kokomo the community it is. As your Life and Style editor, I want your suggestions and I want to live the experiences you live each day. Are you a waitress? A plumber? A wedding planner? Surprise me with the careers we have in the Kokomo community and invite me to come on board for the day. I may be a writer by heart and trade, but I’m a life experience searcher at my soul. As a job search requires a resume, I’m assuming a life experience search is no different. I’ve listed a few qualities as to why I may fit the bill — or not fit the bill — for a day in your life.

Resume for Lindsay Eckert

- I can write.

- I can read.

- I can’t do math (I blame the writing/reading side of my brain for this.)

- I have no qualms with construction-vest yellow.

- My singing “abilities” are closer to the American Idol bloopers reel.

- I can weld; special thanks to my Pap for that.

- I’m a terrible driver; special thanks to my Gran for that.

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