Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 1, 2013

The last one

By Lindsay Eckert
Tribune lifestyle editor

Kokomo — I’ve always considered this column as my key to the Kokomo community. About 750 words that bring me closer to the people who live here, that challenge me to not just experience, but live, in a moment or series of moments each week. Sometimes it’s been a column where I get to relive some of my life’s best memories, sometimes it’s challenged me to face fears and literally laugh at them in the face (hello, to zip-lining at Tipton Pork Festival). But, at this column’s core: It’s been a source of growth I’ll treasure. 

A year ago I wrote my first column for [friday] and I read it before I cleaned out my desk at Kokomo Tribune. The first paragraph struck me because the words took me back to that very beginning moment. I remember all the turkeys being stacked on both sides of my desk, I remember how the air was tinged with the electricity of fall; reading those words was as if I had smelled a scent that took me back to my childhood or heard a song that sparked a reminder of a summer I loved. 

But as the words from my first column were the beginning of my work at Kokomo Tribune, they were also small steps to my future in Kokomo – I just didn’t know it yet. I included just the beginning of that column, the part that put my mind in rewind an earlier time: 

I’ve heard the saying, “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re going.” But, for me, I’m more than certain I wouldn’t be sitting at my desk surrounded by turkeys from the Kokomo Tribune coloring contest and telling the stories of this city if I didn’t keep in mind where I’m from throughout my life. Those hometown roots of where I’m from have been whispering me in the right direction on the journey to where I’m going.

A few days after this column was in the paper, I received a call from WWKI’s Kevin Burris inviting me to do a weekly entertainment report as Lifestyle Editor, and – with that – a whole different journey to where I was going began.

Several months later, my love for writing and the places I challenge it to take me led me to the studio of WWKI, where I traded in my hat as Lifestyle Editor for DJ for a day.

Today, I will be officially retiring that hat as Lifestyle Editor and slipping into a new one – that’s a tad more country – as the morning show co-host at WWKI. I’ll be half of Kevin and Lindsay in the Morning and will be one of the voices you’ll hear on your way to work. 

Monday morning starting at 5:30 my voice will be on your radios as my words were once in your hands. As much as I loved writing for you and as much as I’ll love being part of your drive to work and your mornings, I’m so thankful the journey I’ve been lucky enough to be on has been in Kokomo and one I get to continue sharing with you. 

Until Monday morning…

-Lindsay Eckert 

[friday] editor/ WWKI morning show co-host