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August 30, 2013

Kokomo Speedway celebrates its season

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Kokomo Speedway will close its season with a new track champion Sunday night. However, for race fans across the country and right here in Kokomo the dirt track’s three-night show highlighted the hometown flair that Kokomo Speedway brought to the national spotlight with Smackdown.

As the clouds squeezed rain drops to hit the track during the WWKI live broadcast from Kokomo Speedway Thursday afternoon, race fans and racers pulled in with an enthusiasm that, eventually, overcame the fickle moods of Mother Nature. I stopped by to chat with Kevin Burris for the radio show and saw all the familiar faces my fiancée and I see every week at the track. Rain or shine, people’s faces were smiling.

Although some chock it up to good “people watching,” there’s something to be said about a place that brings the same souls back week after week. Driving off Davis Road at 430 p.m. on a Thursday, the place already had a feel. A feel of family.

The O’Connor family is a big part of that. The family of siblings who work with their dad to polish every nook and cranny for racing night, have provided more than a well-maintained race track, they’ve provided the moments for great memories.

Whether it was the live band performance Friday night of Smackdown next to the track, or the new Turn Five Pub lined with the pictures of people who meant something to Kokomo Speedway and Open Wheel magazines resting on its tables; they’ve added more to what so many people appreciate.

We grilled out every night, relaxed under the August sun during the day and listened to stories, and we laughed, a lot.

There was an energy to the whole weekend and we have Kokomo Speedway to thank for it.

Also, don’t miss the Kokomo Klash at Kokomo Speedway in October. For more information, visit kokomospeedway.net.

– Lindsay Eckert

[friday] editor/ Kokomo Speedway fan