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October 26, 2012

Misty's column: 10.26.12 >> How’d this stuff get into my purse?

By Misty Knisely
Interim [friday] editor/ needs baggage claim

— I’m headed off to Florida for a long weekend with some friends. Whenever I go on trips, I switch out purses. I have an over-the-shoulder bag I always carry on vacation because it’s easier to lug around than my “luggage,” my term of endearment for my everyday purse.

That purse is huge. I like it that way so I have room to carry whatever I need.

The problem with that, however, is I carry more than I need.

Switching purses out for vacation is my time to purge the unnecessary junk I’m carrying around. This trip was no different.

Like most women, I have the “normal” stuff you’d find in a purse: a wallet, lipstick, compact mirror, gum, etc. It’s the other stuff I found this week that caused me some concern. Here’s a peek into the weirdness I found lurking in my giant purse:

• Three pieces of Tupperware.

I tend to be carrying a lot of stuff home from work so I presumably put these in my purse because my hands were full. Not sure why, though, I did this on three occasions and didn’t take them out when I got home. Funny story: I own four lunch bags.

• A dirty spoon

I’m assuming this has something to do with the dirty Tupperware.

• A clean spoon

No clue.

• 13 ponytail holders

This started out as one and slowly turned into a collection as I dug deeper. I had quite the pile by the time I was done.

• A seashell

I’m assuming I brought this home from South Carolina a few weeks ago and put it in my purse to bring to the office. Seems that didn’t actually happen. (I have since corrected this oversight.)

• A plastic bag

The kind you get in the meat or produce department at the grocery store. Explain that me and we’ll both know.

• A direct deposit stub

You’re probably thinking that’s not weird, but what if I told you it was from 2011? I have been on several trips this year and have purged each time, so where on Earth did that come from?

• One glove

I got nothing.

• A sunglasses lens

So that’s where that went! Too bad I pitched the broken glasses two weeks ago.

• A box of bacon-and-cheddar flavored grasshoppers

I swear to you I’m not making this up. As a joke, I bought them for my dad on my last trip.

I once weighed my purse at the doctor’s office. It came in at over 12 pounds.

And I wonder why I have so many neck and shoulder problems. Hmm.

interim [friday] editor/ needs baggage claim