Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 30, 2012

Lindsay's column: 11.30.12 >> Laugh 4 Abs: A workout for all

By Lindsay Eckert
[friday] editor/ Laugh 4 Abs co-founder

— It’s always been said “laughter is the best medicine” and it saves years off your life. It can also be one heck of a fabulous workout. At least that’s what business reporter Megan Graham and I try to convince ourselves as we struggle through awkward yoga moves, and nearly ignite a domino effect through the class, or sweat through the pain of Cardio Abs every week at the Kokomo YMCA.

We’re proud participants and the only team of two (shout out to Team Tribune) at Holiday Trimmings, a five-week weight loss challenge with... get ready... prizes every week at the Kokomo YMCA. That is, if you complete all the challenges, we haven’t just yet. Although we’re prize-less participants at the moment, we feel like we’ve found the real prize: the secret to fitness...laughter. Incidentally, so have a lot of people in the class. Sometimes the sound of giggling can blend with the booming bass designed to pump up your motivation before you have your toosh handed to you by YMCA’S resident Jillian Michaels double. Like any workout regime, it’s only successful if it fits your schedule, so we don’t always make it to class - then we get called out on Twitter by the YMCA, “We haven’t seen Team Tribune for awhile.” - so we take Team Tribune to the streets and pump the motivation for a power walk where we share the highlights of hilarity from our day. Once again, provoking major levels of laughter. We think we’re on to the next big workout craze, Laugh 4 Abs: Grab a friend, hit the gym and giggle.

The success of Laugh 4 Abs was reaffirmed during Thanksgiving. It’s a workout that will literally knock you to the floor and pray you won’t pee your pants. (How’s that for a marketing slogan?) It’s also a workout you can do at dinner, at the grocery or even while playing Scrabble.

The workout was tested and confirmed as my boyfriend’s mom absolutely lost her mind because “the Scrabble board is just weird and there’s no way anyone could play anything with the words on that thing.” [Editor’s note: Explicits were removed to protect innocent eyes.] As the sand of the game’s miniature hourglass leaked away, her remaining time to blame the board for her literary misfortune, her frustration and our laughter increased proportionally. Laugh 4 Abs elevated to a proven success when desperate times called for desperate measures for Mrs. Literary Misfortune.

Her solution? Make up words, and hope they exist in some form of the English language - her luck never panned out. But the laughter definitely did.

It’s a brave step, to “assume” a word exists while you’re playing Scrabble with two journalists but, “that dang [explicits altered] clock is always almost out of time” and the pressure provokes some ab-crunching laughter.

She took a sip of her drink and boldly laid down the letters to spell: “JUIOST.”

I nearly had my first injury in the -- at this point -- highly-conditioned Laugh 4 Abs, as I dropped from the chair to the floor holding my stomach as I worked out my abs. I was so dedicated to my workout I barely overheard her defending her “word.”

“It’s joist, or something, I don’t know what the word is. I just want this game to be over,” she said as her bravery transformed to disgust for the game that had wronged her before she joined in on the Laugh 4 Abs workout as we all laughed at her desperate attempt to seize a win.

It was a moment worthy of a workout.

Laugh 4 Abs is a simple and short workout without the requirement of machines or weights, it just takes a minute of your time to grab a friend or family member, experience a moment and live your life with a little or a lot of laughter (increased laughter improves results).

Megan Graham and Lindsay Eckert fully endorse this product. (Note: Megan Graham is a business reporter, she knows endorsement-worthy products).