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August 24, 2012

Misty's column: 08.24.12 >> I'm new here

By Misty Knisely

— I’m convinced I couldn’t work in a “normal” office.

An office where people wearing suits sit quietly in straight-back chairs, keeping pace with the numbing hum of neighboring keyboards.

I would not fit in there.

Muffled, professional conversations are not the place for someone who does not possess an internal censor, such as myself. That little voice that tells you when not to speak, I do not have.

That’s why I work in a newsroom.

Newsrooms are full of people like me. It’s a place where we can be our crazy selves. It’s a place where the most random — and sometimes appalling — comments are made. It’s downright entertaining most days.

I fit in here.

I’m the off-the-wall, singing, dancing, sarcastic, obscure-trivia-sharing, bad-joke-making city editor here at the Kokomo Tribune.

I have many nicknames here, one of them being “Jukebox.” I like to sing. Of course, being able to sing and like singing are two entirely different things. I, sadly, fall in the latter category. I constantly have a song running through my head. Because I listen to a vast range of music — some of it old, some of it new, some of it good, some of it bad — my songs tend to be from left field. And without that internal censor, the song often escapes from my brain through my mouth and causes wrinkled-brow responses from co-workers.

But that’s not the reason for the nickname. Everything reminds me of a song. That includes TV theme songs, commercial jingles and sometimes just a string of weird noises I heard once.

And being censor-less, I think it and then I sing it. Break out into song in enough conversations and you suddenly have a new nickname. Children can be so cruel.

All this leads me to believe I’m a pretty random person. So when Erin Shultz, former [friday] editor, suggested to me that I should take over the column, I said, “Uh ... what?”

I say roughly 1,598,456 stupid things a day. That’s normally acceptable and often expected around these parts, but this is in print. This is a different story. I followed up my first eloquent response to her suggestion with, “Uh, I don’t know about that.”

I must have ultimately said yes because here I am.

I’ll be with you during the interim here at [friday], which will still have your Best Bets, Out & About photos, calendar listings, movie reviews, etc.

Pretty much the only difference you’ll see is a new smiling face looking at you every week.

Feel free to sing along.


— Misty Knisely,

interim [friday] editor/Has her own drummer.