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February 27, 2014

Feb. 27, 2014: Letters to the editor

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---- — ‘Somebody is going to get hurt here’

We have a very serious problem with the traffic light at the intersection of U.S. 31 and Ind. 26 heading east on 26. People think that both lanes go straight through, eastbound, due to there being two lights there and a left turn signal.

Many times while sitting in the turn lane to go north on 31, traffic coming up from behind heading east have a difficult time stopping. Also, people are turning left on the left turn signal after it turns red, even though there is a no left turn without the arrow sign in plain view.

And finally, people are actually going through the light eastbound, then turning into the Speedway gas station, going around the building, and then turning back on 31 north to avoid waiting on the turn arrow.

And I would also like to mention the problems this intersection is creating for people turning left (west) on 26 from 31. The traffic actually stops in the intersection because traffic wanting to turn left on 26 is stopped by traffic wanting to turn left into the Marathon gas station.

My question is, why are the responsible parties not understanding the problems? And if they do understand, then why can’t they correct it?

Seems like allowing a left turn on green after yield for people wanting to go north on U.S. 31 from Ind. 26 from the west would be a pretty simple fix.

Also, removing the middle light would help. The middle light has no meaning, as there is only one lane that goes eastbound and a northbound turn arrow.

Somebody is going to get hurt here. We should consider correcting this before that happens. Help?

Jim Lasley


U.S. Constitution guarantees equal protection of all

“Sexual anarchists in the entertainment industry wish to silence the moral constraints of Christianity,” says letter writer Charles A. Layne.

Poppycock! They are in business to make money, so they make movies and TV shows people will pay to see. You are free to view or not to view. They are not guardians of right and wrong. They are not trying to “demolish your moral values” any more than children who eat candy are trying to support their dentist. They just love sweets.

Being a Christian is a choice we all are free to make. Does not the word “Christian” mean Christ-like or in his image? Christ taught “love thy neighbor,” not love thy neighbor if he makes the same choice as you. He also taught “judge not.” Do you believe others are in need of your judgment?

Some are still convinced that marriage will in some way be diminished by allowing gays to marry. Ridiculous! I remember back in the 1960s when people said all this living in sin would be the downfall of marriage, but still marriage survives.

Our God and Constitution decree that we are free to choose. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees equal protection of all citizens in all states under the law. Christians have no right to force their ideals on others. If they were allowed to, we would be no better than the Taliban. We are all responsible for our own souls; if there is a price to pay for “being gay,” that’s between gays and God. We have no right to deny to all people the same freedoms we enjoy.

Lindsay D’Agostino


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