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January 13, 2014

Jan. 13, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — FEMA ‘cold, callous’ to tornado victims

Kokomo badly needs three tornado shelters: one in the south end; one in the center of Kokomo, and one in the north end of Kokomo.

Let me point out more than a thousand people in the north end are living in mobile homes. If an EF-5 tornado hits the north end, maybe well over a hundred people would be killed.

Another point: The majority of people have no basement or tornado shelter to get to.

Priority two: Kokomo is in critical need of tornado sirens, which would for sure save lives. Small towns have these sirens. Why not Kokomo?

Now, turning attention to FEMA rejecting tornado relief aid to Kokomo and Howard County. Its denial was cold and callous, heartless and insensitive to all tornado victims of Kokomo.

Our country and government sends billions of dollars to foreign countries — and more to aid them when they have a natural disaster. This really upsets me when Kokomo can’t get any help whatsoever from FEMA. This is dumb and stupid of the chuckleheads who run FEMA.

I’m saying we should help the people in this country first before we help out other countries. We have an irresponsible government right now of out-of-touch, screwed up priorities for the American people. The hard-working citizens of Kokomo have paid millions and millions of dollars in state and federal taxes over the last five decades. This is a valid reason Kokomo should get disaster aid.

FEMA picks who gets aid. Seems like it only wants to help the rich people and social elite. Kokomo tornado victims almost all were poor people and middle class.

Seems like the FEMA people come from some other planet than the rest of us. I have a very bad opinion of FEMA.

Dave Gee


Spare Medicare from debt reduction cuts

After months of falsely accusing President Barack Obama of cutting from Medicare during the 2012 presidential campaign, how ironic that those same critics in Congress are now demanding cuts in Medicare in the name of deficit reduction.

In poll after poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans have told Congress that cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits are unacceptable. But the message falls on deaf ears.

Yes, the national debt must be reduced, but not by cutting benefits for the elderly. Millions of them live on an average of $14,000 per year from Social Security.

If cutting health care costs in Medicare is the goal, let’s start by giving Medicare the authority to negotiate prices for prescription drugs. This would result in billions saved for seniors, as well as the government.

Col. Bill Smyser


President Obama’s resolutions for 2014

Hey, Jack, do you know the 2014 resolutions of President Obama?

• To support both houses of Congress and fix Obamacare for all America.

• To admit we went into Afghanistan for political reasons, and the deaths were a waste of blood and treasure.

• To create jobs and not buy votes with handouts.

• To admit immigrants are only an issue because they will be Democratic voters.

• To treat the tea party like I treat all Democratic donors.

• To provide truthful and complete information on Benghazi.

• To play fewer than 50 rounds of golf a year.

• To travel fewer than 200 days a year for political fundraisers.

• To go to church at least twice a month.

• To stop spying on innocent Americans.

• To really try to stop Iran from getting The Bomb.

• To admit global climate change is a hoax.

• To quit blaming George W. Bush for all my mistakes and screw-ups.

• To earn no “Pinocchios” for lying.

On second thought, Obama says he will be like 97 percent of all Americans and not fulfill their resolutions.

Mike Moran