Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

November 25, 2012

Letter to the editor - Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012

Kokomo — Let our leaders fight Afghan war

Why is it our local print media can cover the military sex scandal, front-page news in fact, but have neglected to report the massacre of our ambassador and three others in Benghazi.

It’s just astounding that during the Bush administration, the Iraq war casualties were front-page news every day but – surprise, surprise – since the change in administrations the last four years one would never know that we are still fighting a war and still losing a record number of brave young men and women at the hands of those they have been fighting to liberate and protect! What is wrong with this picture?

Our military has been fighting and dying for 12 years for some of the most ungrateful, savage countries in the world while their own country is being transformed by the very ideology they are fighting against. Ironic, isn’t it?

Let’s bring our military men and women home from that God-forsaken war and let those who have been running it from Washington fight it. They seem to know more than the four-star generals anyway.

Jean Grant, Kokomo