Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

April 3, 2013

April 3, 2013: Letters to the editor

‘Republicans ought to be ashamed’

The Republicans have performed an “autopsy” on their “dead” national party. These are some of their suggestions to “resurrect” the party:

1. Fewer debates.

2. Stop talking about bedroom issues.

3. Stop talking about immigrants.

So, the national Republican Party has decided the way to get more support from women and Hispanics is to “hide” the party’s true feelings about issues that affect them. And the party thinks that getting more support from Americans in general is “less information” by having fewer debates, thus hiding its true beliefs.

Now, think about state Republicans. These are numbers from my personal finances. But I’m sure every person is hit the same way — since the Republicans have started “cutting” property taxes and shifting costs over to local taxing.

I have had approximately a $400 drop in my property taxes, but I am paying $1,400 in local taxes. How has this deal saved me money?

Thing is, over the years, it has been primarily Republicans who have raised local taxes. This has been a huge shift of responsibility from the wealthy to the broad middle class.

Now we’ve got a state representative (Heath VanNatter) who wants to starve the children of the poor to support further tax cuts for the wealthy. He supports the “state rape” of women who want control over their bodies.

We have a governor who didn’t even get 50 percent of the vote pushing the “starve the children” tax cuts.

Republicans ought to be ashamed. They’ve taken choice away from the people by jimmying the vote with redistricting. They got 54 percent of the vote, yet control almost 70 percent of seats in the House and Senate.

All of these things are what you get when you have one-party control of government. The main problem about this party controlling state government is the Koch brothers rule.

Tony Shell


Indiana health care in need of reform

Our broken health care system needs the reform provided by the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.

Billions of dollars in fraudulent charges by health care providers have been taken back by Medicare — stolen dollars that belong to the taxpayers.

The Affordable Care Act will make $10.5 billion available to support Indiana’s health care system and the 400,000 uninsured Hoosiers. A refusal by Gov. Pence to accept these funds would be political in nature and a total disregard for suffering Hoosiers.

Our governor needs to dispel any appearance of ties with the tea party in favor of doing his job — representing Hoosiers.

Our governor needs to support expanding health care to cover all Hoosiers; back off his tax cuts that are mostly for the wealthy; support our education system; fix our infrastructure, roads and rail crossings; and move forward, not back to the Bush era, when everything was done for the wealthy and nothing was done for the rest of us.

They play and we pay. No more. Enough is enough.

Larry Brooks


Huston Lane in city, so it needs plowed

I am a newly annexed resident on the north end of Kokomo (North Webster Street and Huston Lane). If I must now pay city taxes, why can’t I get city plowing services?

The last two snows, I have had to call repeatedly to the Street Department and the mayor’s office to get Huston Lane plowed, with no results!

Admittedly, there are only three or four residents along this road, but this is our only access and egress to Webster and Washington streets.

This is now a city street, thanks to annexation! Mayor, you have to accept responsibility if you want the revenue!

Terry Hoover