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March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014: Letters to the editor

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---- — Is it empty promises or failing memories?

An accounting of the latest Board of Commissioners meeting was headed with the fact the County Plan Commission is still one member short. This seat has been vacant for five months.

Democratic Party chairwoman Linda Smeltzer was on the agenda at the Nov. 4 BOC meeting and asked for the seat to be filled. She presented two names for consideration. The commissioners didn’t act on her request, but the meeting minutes reflect Mr. Heron stated the seat would be filled.

More than three months later, Mrs. Smeltzer was again on the agenda Monday requesting the commissioners fill the seat with one of the citizens she recommended. Mr. Heron stated the commissioners cannot agree on a person, but they are “working on it.”

Mrs. Smeltzer commented she was “disgruntled, dissatisfied, and discouraged with the unpalatable atmosphere in this county due to this current board of county commissioners.” She said she had been told the vacancies on the plan commission would not be filled until after the wind ordinance amendment was settled, yet the commissioners went ahead and filled one of the spots with a citizen who has publicly been pro wind. This appointment was made right before the ordinance was acted upon by the plan commission.

The vacancy Smeltzer requested to be filled on Nov. 4 is still open, and Mr. Heron now says the plan commission is a “working board” with eight of the nine members. A citizen named in mid 2013 to finish out a resigning member’s term has been deemed ineligible by state election board officials, yet remains on the board.

These commissioners are not shy about exhibiting their empty promises, double talk, poor memories and failure to comprehend the laws and ordinances of state and local government. Six weeks after they were first reminded they were short on an appointment to the Redevelopment Commission, they finally filled it Monday.

At the Feb. 18 county council meeting, where two of the current commissioners were present, a former commissioner brought up the fact two county council recommendations had still not been officially acted upon by the commissioners. One was made in January 2013 and one in January 2014, and neither appointment has been officially approved. Councilwoman Beth Roach agreed these two citizens are not actually on the board the council voted for them to be on until the commissioners act on it. Even with two current commissioners in the room listening to this discussion, they still didn’t do anything about it on Monday. County Auditor Townsend was present for this reminder too, and he didn’t bring it up to the commissioners to act on.

Another letter writer commented a while back these commissioners need to be led by the hand to do their duties. It seems even that is not enough.

It’s so obvious now why none of these problems were happening prior to 2013. Without a commissioner in one of the chairs covering for the incompetence of the other two, this crew is showing its complete ineptness.

The only way to change the mounting problems due to incompetence is to change the people in the chairs. You will have your chance in the May 6 primary election.

Brent Snow


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