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October 1, 2013

Oct. 1, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Obamacare: Game changer for Hoosiers

Oct. 1 is a banner day for many of our Hoosier neighbors, who will for the first time have access to adequate health insurance for themselves and their families.

The Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — marketplace is open for business, and individuals can shop for coverage, with the support of income-based credits and subsidies, that will start on Jan. 1, 2014.

The ACA continues to be hotly debated and much maligned, but beyond the rhetoric it represents life-changing and life-saving access to health care. Far too many of our neighbors have lived far too long without health insurance, knowing that preventive care was out of reach and emergency or critical care would result in economic devastation.

This reality creates a daily stress that is hard to comprehend for those who have not lived it.

The ACA also narrows the ranks of the underinsured by requiring health insurance to cover preventive and essential medical care, a new reality that will improve the health and well-being of our communities.

Obamacare is not perfect — no law or program, public or private, is — but it is a game changer for the health and well-being of Hoosiers, and that is worth celebrating and sharing.

Join me in learning more and connecting those who will benefit from the new options available to them, thanks to its implementation. Information and navigation support is available at www.healthcare.gov. A healthier future for Hoosiers has arrived.

Rylin Rodgers

Family Voices Indiana

David, Nan Braun: ‘Great local talent’

During the dedication ceremony for the Stephen J. Daily Government Center, I made a mistake (which, by the way, happens more than I would like to admit).

Even though it was written in my notes, I accidentally neglected to acknowledge the local artists, David and Nan Braun, who designed and built the fountain centerpiece for the public entrance to the Daily Center.

The stainless steel sculpture of gears embedded with Kokomo Opalescent Glass is a beautiful piece of artistic craftsmanship. They describe the piece as a “combination of power and sustainability that is a natural reflection of Kokomo’s grounding in manufacturing and innovation that reaches into a sustainable future.”

I want to thank the artisans at Kokomo Opalescent Glass, Greg Stephens for his generous donation of steel, and the Citizens Selection Committee (Beth Notaro, Lynn Celarek and Cheryl Sullivan) who chose the art design for the fountain and sculpture.

Again, I apologize to David and Nan for my omission. They are a great local talent, and you can see more of their artwork at facebook.com/Cogbots.

Greg Goodnight

Kokomo mayor