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April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Eastern Howard Co. opposes wind farm

The majority of people who live in eastern Howard County, including the entire Winger family, do not want wind turbines obstructing our view!

We originally signed up with Horizon, thinking it was a win/win proposition for everyone, including the community. After seeing the wind farm in Windfall, we were all devastated at how obtrusive the turbines are and how they will conflict with our serene and peaceful way of life.

Many of our “neighbors” who are in favor of the E.ON wind proposition do not live here and will not be not directly impacted by turbines on a daily basis. I have spoken to one family who lives here who still thinks it is a good thing. The majority of my neighbors do not want this at all!

We do not want to walk out of our doors and drive down on our roads and constantly see large, metal towers with moving blades. We do not want to hear the whirring of the turbines and see constantly flickering red lights all night long! Who would? We can see the red lights of the Windfall turbines 10 miles to the south of us and find them bothersome!

Our neighbors, the Slaughters, have two young daughters and often spend summer nights out sitting around their fire pit. Can you imagine what that would be like in the future? Instead of looking up at the stars, you will see 60 flickering red lights.

E.ON is owned by a company in Germany. The only reason it is interested in Indiana is because of our tax credit, which we thought ended in December.

I have written to our congressman and am very upset they think wind energy is the wave of the future and we should all jump on board. Clearly they are not looking at having these turbines put up, literally, in their backyards!

We are the people of Howard County. This is our backyard. We are the voters! Our government has no right to be siding with a company from Germany!

I cannot even begin to tell you how distressing this has been for all of us who live here. My fervent prayer to God above today is that there will be a final resolution and an end to this planned wind farm.

Can you honestly tell me that if we were able to vote on this today there would be more people in eastern Howard County for this than against this? We are the ones living here. For many of us, it is our grandparents and great-grandparents who intrusted this land to us. These families are farmers who have worked this very ground for many, many years! They are the only ones whose concerns should matter.

My husband also opposes this, saying it is some of the very best farmland in Howard County and state. And even though it may not seem like a lot, it is a crime to give valuable farmland over to be used for wind turbines that do not serve the community.

Please stop this completely, once and for all!

Deborah Winger


Constitution rests authority on us all

There is a misconception that our secular and Enlightenment-based Constitution is founded on the Bible or the Ten Commandments. OK, what are the first commandments? They include having no other gods or no graven images.

If any of those commandments were enshrined into law, they would be a violation of the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment.

Israel in pre-modern times was a theocracy. The king and his priests were all-powerful and they supposedly spoke for a god. The Founding Fathers rested the authority of our nation on us, “we the people.” No mention of a God, religion or Christianity.

Our authority does not rest with any god, especially one who did not believe in liberty, freedom, dissent, democracy or any of the values the Constitution and the founders guaranteed to us. To not believe in the God of the Christian Bible or working on the sabbath meant execution.

These aren’t the values of the Constitution. Yes, historical revisionists who wish for our great nation to be more like a theocracy will try to confuse the two, but it is clear the Bible is not a foundation for our Constitution, it is the exact opposite.

To be fair, most of the founders did believe in a deity. But those who did did not take the values of the Bible and transfer them to the Constitution. In the time of our nation’s founding, the Enlightenment was a century old, and all the founders were children of it. John Locke had a thousand times more influence on them than Matthew or Mark. Indeed, some of the more influential thinkers of the nation’s founding such as Madison, Jefferson and Paine didn’t even believe in the doctrine of the Bible. So, we aren’t based on the Bible, at all.

Jerome McCollom