Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

February 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 5, 2013

Will GOP again trust Democrats’ promise?

As we begin the immigration debate, it would be nice if we heard something new. Like “Groundhog Day,” it’s deja vu all over again. This is the third time in recent memory we have dealt with immigration and, like before, it is the same actions.

The GOP is full of cold, heartless SOBs who are white, rich racists — this is a good debating technique. That alone will make me say, let them all in and let’s do it again in 10 years. And that is the rub. Our history is as an immigrant nation, but always lost in that is people did it legally.

We could discuss the economic issues, the pros and cons of immigration reform, but let’s just get to the chase. Will the GOP portion of the Gang of 8 be naive and once again trust a promise by the Democrats? What’s the promise? If you allow the illegal immigrants to have amnesty, we will protect the borders soon, we promise. Reagan trusted O’Neil, nothing happened. Bush trusted Pelosi, nothing happened. Obama has his pen uncapped, but hopefully the Senate Republicans have even a short memory and are not suckers again. Because if they bite, 11 million will be added to Obama’s Gimme Economy and, within another decade, there will be 11 million more people making us feel “guilty and uncaring.”

I don’t blame the people who have come here, and you cannot deny the fact the economy has used many of them, but the point is nowhere else in the world would a country allow a porous border and use as its solution to naturalize the immigrants when they become too many to ignore.

I guess it is just, “Let’s be full of compassion and forget about borders and open them wide.” Welcome now and in the future.

Mike Moran, Kokomo

Turbine turmoil over fiscal compensation

With every decision there are pros and cons. Not everyone can be happy, and sadly society has become so self-absorbed that many of us can’t be happy for someone else.

I have listened to both sides of this wind turbine debate. The opposition wants to argue property values, flicker, red lights shining in windows, and animal and human health concerns. There’s already a wind farm operating in this area.

I have made many trips to this wind farm at different times of the day and night. I personally didn’t see any wildlife injured or killed, could not find any flicker, and the little red light was a small flash — just like a radio or cellular tower. I could only hear a slight swish sound when I stopped my car, turned off the engine, and opened the windows.

(For the record, the wind turbines were all operating in the field beside the road I was on.)

Yes, the landscape will change. It did with the introduction of utility poles, cell towers, bypasses and manufacturing facilities. Will we start a movement against utility poles? Automobile accidents involving utility poles and broken and downed power lines injure and kill many people.

What about cellphones? There are many major health and driving concerns with the use of those devices, yet we give those to our children.

This whole upset over these wind farms is that the landowners will receive compensation if they choose to participate. Why shouldn’t they be compensated? They purchased the land, pay taxes on it, and insure it. Be happy for your neighbor. Most are farmers who have taken the financial risk, and work endless hours with no union, no health insurance and no guaranteed paycheck or retirement. They produce the safest and most affordable food in the world for us.

Let the children benefit from schools, which I am sure will put every much-needed penny to use. These children are our future. We should do all we can to secure them a sound education.

We all use the services our tax money provides, and so we all benefit from the tax money paid by the wind farm and landowners. If the few can remove their selfish attitudes, then they could see a wind farm benefits all of us, with very few concessions.

Melynda Stokes, Russiaville