Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

September 5, 2012

Letters to the editor - Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012

‘Obama’s America’ offers perspective

Barack Obama – the man who came out of seemingly nowhere and moved into the most powerful position in our country. Do we yet know who he really is? So many rumors, so much mystery.

If you are curious and are concerned for the future of America, I highly recommend you see the newly released movie, “2016: Obama’s America.” The film examines the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?”

You will be taken to four continents to learn about Obama’s childhood, his family life, the mentors who greatly impacted his life, his philosophy and his driving motivation for the decisions he is making and will make for our future.

You will hear firsthand accounts from people who know him and what he stands for. The movie is based on his own biography, “Dreams from my Father.”

It doesn’t matter what he says while campaigning, how he looks or the color of his skin. Do not be fooled or cast your vote based on them. These are not reasons to give someone so much power.

What matters is the philosophy he is committed to – what changes he is really planning, and are they the changes you want to see made?

The future of our country as we know it is hanging in the balance in the upcoming November election. We must make our decision on facts, not popular opinion or charismatic propaganda tactics.

Make plans to see this movie while you have a chance. Our children are counting on us to vote responsibly.

Christine Kimmel, Greentown

Protesters focus of speech story?

Interesting and curious. The Republican presidential nominee makes a speech in Indianapolis last Wednesday, and the front page AP article in Thursday’s Kokomo Tribune focuses solely on the “roughly two dozen protesters” gathered outside the convention center.

There is no indication of what was said in Mitt Romney’s speech, but a reference was made to what was said by one of the protesters.

One conclusion that might be drawn from this is the Tribune failed to focus on the speech and chose to only give attention to a small amount of dissenters performing in what was referred to as a “skit.” Is there a perspective I’m missing?

Russ Carlson, Kokomo

Boss is the boss – all over the U.S.

You lose your job. How will you tell your spouse and children?

Pay check, health insurance, vacation, pension and your dignity – all gone. Hired thugs escort you off the property. Guess you didn’t work hard enough.

How will you pay the bills? Will you lose your home? All this is terrible, but it’s the way capitalism functions. There are winners and losers.

The system worked as intended, as regulated, until abuses began about 30 years ago. In the ’80s a few intelligent, greedy, immoral individuals studied hard and found ways to manipulate the system to gain huge profits off the dark side of capitalism by increasing company closings.

Vulture capitalists had created a new industry: Close plants, fire workers and plunder company assets. They even found a way to transfer the costs of unfunded pensions and property cleanup to the federal government (us).

Some may not care about the 750 Kansas City steel mill employees fired by one of these vulture capitalists (Bain Capital), but how about the $44 million in unfunded pension costs that was transferred to the government? And how about the steel mill cleanup costs, shifted to one of the Superfund projects?

Bet we paid the cleanup costs, just like the steel mill cleanup costs here in Kokomo, but that’s another story.

Vulture capitalists don’t like regulations. They want to operate with impunity, making profits no matter the pain/losses it costs the rest of us. Mitt Romney has already said many times that capitalists should have free rein, playing by their own rules based in part on the failed trickle-down joke of an economic policy that has never worked.

John McCain saw Mitt Romney’s tax returns and picked Sarah Palin as his running mate over Romney. Did McCain see something the rest of us shouldn’t? Why won’t Romney show us those vulture capitalist tax returns? A president should have a transparent not questionable past.

Allowing a vulture capitalist in the White House and deregulation to prevail will end up bringing the dictatorial environment you experience in the workplace into your private life. Turn over your Facebook password to your boss and be prepared to be fired if you say or type anything your boss doesn’t like.

If capitalism rules, democracy will take a back seat.

Larry Brooks, Kokomo