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November 14, 2013

Nov. 14, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — President has failed to properly lead

If this president has something to apologize to the people of this country for, why can’t he apologize directly to the public the way a sincere leader would? A 10 or 15 minute network-wide radio/television broadcast, instead of a closed-door television interview with one person while using his Chicago-style “community organizer” rhetoric, would be more direct and sincere.

I for one did not get an apology from the end-run! He has been a laissez-faire president, who failed to keep abreast of presidential responsibility and act as a leader. He can’t be sincere because he knows his plan is unfolding as planned.

It’s been said the road to hell is paved with good intentions — well, he always reminds us of how good his are.

We know also a president of the United States must delegate extensively and does so numerous times during the term. However, it is noticeable this president has violated a number of basics of delegation that lead to successful results.

Some that appeared to me to not have been violated, or ignored totally on purpose, are: pin-point and clarify the dimensions of the project/tasks, select a most capable person to lead, outline/delineate weak areas in the project/task, check progress at key development points, evaluate achievement and appropriate rewards.

Violations by the president that appear in three key areas, which stand out during recent hearings are: problem solving — potential problem-solving analysis appears to have been missing, or if executed the results ignored, totally or partially; over-delegation leading to loss of control generating the famous “why didn’t someone tell me this?”. Follow-up/control requires extensive testing and examination of results with parallel comparison to PPA.

This country is now in a position to get knocked to its knees. I pray that we stay down there long enough to say a prayer or two for recovery. You can decide.

Thomas F. Hayes


Some maintenance issues on north side

I am writing to you hoping the power of the press is more effective than my many phone calls to different offices of the city. I would much rather be sending a Cheer.

My main concern is the railroad crossing at North Main Street at Lordeman Street. The city keeps telling me it is the responsibility of the railroad; it has been abandoned. How can responsibility not fall to the city? It is still a city street within the city limits.

I have asked for just some hot patch until the walking path gets here. That will be way down the road.

This crossing is deplorable. It is so bad one of the boards pops up in the air and stays there until the next vehicle jars it back down. It seems to me they could do a little something to make it a little better.

There is also one of the square patches at the same corner that has never had the top coat put on it. This is minor, but it has been two years.

My other concern is getting the city to enforce the weed ordinance at the property at 1701 N. Market St., on the back side, which I have to look at every day. There has not been a lawn mower or a weed eater used in two years. The weeds have turned to trees, and there is poison ivy growing clear above the door to one of the loading docks.

This is very unsightly. You would think a business would have more pride. This is the Materials Recovery facility that is asking the city for start-up money.

I don’t want to be a complainer, but I have been trying to resolve this on my own for two years. I feel like we are a forgotten area.

Phyllis Hamilton


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