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August 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 15, 2013

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Will wind farms really save our schools?A conversation between old friends took place a few days ago and went like this:What do you think about the wind turbine issue? The gentleman began with the school issue. The economic pressure is inevitable on a rural school system no matter how “good” it is. Declining enrollment is a troubling sign and debt is the usual result. The school revenue comes from local property tax revenue and the state of Indiana. The new voucher system for state money is then “enrollment” money. Enrollment numbers mean survival or not.The question becomes will the wind farms save a rural school system? An infusion of cash would help any money problem. However, lower property values means less revenue, and less development results in more economic pressure on the school system.Another issue is of the $1,000,000 property guarantee fund and how is it determined.Would it be 100 properties x $10,000, 50 properties x $20,000, or 20 properties x $50,000? A million dollars for two townships, why would you even consider this?He finished by saying some will benefit, but many will not. Why as a property owner should you have to sell out to receive obvious damages that you have already incurred?The gentleman was finally asked if he thought that our county would ever heal from this calamity, and he slowly responded with a sad whisper “not in our life time old friend — not in our life time.”

Pro-pot voices being silencedThe Marijuana Policy Project, an organization that fights to reform and repeal our nation’s absurd marijuana laws, had an ad canceled at last month’s Brickyard 400 race in Indianapolis. It was to have been on a Jumbotron as fans entered the stadium. The ad talked about how marijuana is safer then alcohol, which it clearly is in fact. But, the MPP and no marijuana legalization activists that I know of (I included) want to outlaw alcohol. In fact, the history of Prohibition is one of the reasons that we oppose keeping marijuana illegal — because it has caused so much violence, as does marijuana prohibition now.If not for Prohibition, then the name Al Capone would be meaningless today, instead of infamous. Indeed, it was bootleggers who basically started up race car driving in the United States. Maybe some good came out of Prohibition. How can we have a debate on the issue of marijuana legalization, if the pro-legalization side is silenced by outside pressure groups when it tries to make its’ voice heard? We continue to fund a war that is becoming grossly unpopular with the American people, as it well deserves to be. So if you are a foreign drug cartel member, you surely want to keep this war going, but for everyone else, let’s end it now. By the way, when are we going to have, at the very least, medical marijuana in the state of Indiana? Is it too much to ask that our government stop lying to us about its benefits?Shaun SlackKokomo