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June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Many in Tipton Co. get farm subsidies

For all Tipton County residents, the long, drawn out issue with the wind turbines in populated areas has taken a toll on people.

The leaseholders want these and talk about saving their farms. Look online at the EWG Farm Subsidy Database and type in the ZIP code 46072. It will list only the farmers in that area code; it isn’t even all the Tipton County people who get government monies. But it will give you a detailed amount each farmer in that area code gets in subsidies.

It appears to me they are not trying to save farms. It might behoove you to look up the farmers in your area and see the amount of monies they get every year, trying to save their farms. To me, these farms should be paid for. We sure don’t get subsidies to pay for our places, so I don’t understand all the argument about saving farms for their children and grandchildren.

This isn’t an attack on leaseholders, farmers, landowners. I’m just trying to understand. Like Mr. Rayl admitted at the BZA meeting, it was the money factor for him. This decision for turbines should not be based on money. It should be the will of the people and their health, property values, and the many other things these nasty turbines do.

Go talk to the people living in the Wildcat Wind Farm and hear their stories. I went to a meeting over there to just hear what they were saying, and it is pitiful what has happened to them and what they are going through.

It’s about time people stop talking for their pocketbooks and start listening to the will of the people. I am ashamed for the greed of some of the people who want these.

Shannon Baden


Transparency claim is questionable one

I have, over the last five years, attended many meetings: Kokomo Common and Howard County councils, commissioners, and other various meetings affecting this county. This past year I have not been as active as I would like to have been due to scheduling issues with work. Therefore, I cannot knowledgeably speak on the timeline and meetings held on the wind turbine issue. I can only address information offered to the public from my perspective of attending meetings.

I have suggested many times to various individuals on the county’s boards to list in detail what is being discussed under a particular topic, e.g., old business or new business, commissioner issues, etc. Not once over the last two years, other than a homeowner’s comments, were wind turbine issues listed.

If you want the public’s involvement, then let them know what is being discussed and keep to the agenda.

Secondly, the county’s claim that it is the most transparent of local governments is questionable at best.

On Oct. 1 of last year, I asked the commissioners to “adopt a policy change regarding notification of public meetings that in the past has only been afforded to the news media.” HB 1003 (2012) now gives “any person” the right to receive notification of meetings; this would include administrative and special meetings.

Regular meetings for the year are listed on the county’s website. No action on the policy change was taken by the commissioners. Where is the transparency now? Changing a policy and simply generating an email distribution list would go a long way.

Clee Oliver