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April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013: Letters to the editor

Gay rights objections rest on religious faith

Although gay rights are progressing, they are still subject to being ignored.

A gay man in Missouri recently was denied from seeing his married partner in a hospital. Though married out of state, their union isn’t recognized by Missouri, so he wasn’t considered a family member.

Someone (while drunk) who marries another whom he or she just met in Las Vegas would have the marriage recognized in that state and in Indiana. Unfortunately, objections to gay rights usually rest on religion, though we are a secular republic, as our Founders intended.

Religion supports such things as an Arkansas legislator wanting the Lord’s Prayer recited in public schools, in order to help convert children to her religious beliefs. Another Arkansas legislator told a mother her grade school daughter is a fool (quoting a Bible verse) for the mother’s objections to a minute of silence, whose purpose is to further religion once again.

About 30 percent of Americans, according to a poll, want their state to impose Christianity as the official religion. How can we honor the legacy of our Enlightenment-based Founders when so many Americans want us to be more like a Christian version of Egypt?

Those who don’t believe in a god do not want excerpts of books by atheist writers such as Christopher Hitchens or Dr. Richard Dawkins recited before the start of class. So why do so many on the religious right think they can impose their way on others?

Jerome McCollom


‘The majority said, no wind farms already!’

Wind farms are storming through this country like a plague. Why? Subsidies.

Money turns the eyes blind!

Why does the government give wind farms tax credits if they sell them off? They must not need them. Is that a loophole in the law?

Wind companies have been around a while. They know the issues people will face.

Limited liability companies are expendable. Who will be held accountable? They change names like we change socks!

Tipton leaders, how can the comprehensive plan be amended without the facts? Have you read a turbine manual? Have you asked for public input to justify why we need wind farms, or to appease the people and the Citizens for Responsible Development?

Nowhere were the words “wind farm” in the survey.

Are you trying to decide a fair market value for people’s homes to help satisfy the wind companies?

You don’t listen to the public, so why take a survey? The majority said, no wind farms already!

Pandora’s box is in Tipton County. Once this mess is opened, there’s no going back.

Industrial wind turbines filled with oil and fluids and making noise should only be in remote areas, not in Tipton County.

Has a crop caught fire from a malfunction in a turbine? Who pays for fire runs? Crop fires spread fast and do a lot of damage in a short time. Seen one!

Setbacks are not good enough! No wind farms!

Turbines may be Tipton County’s population!

For years, Tipton County leaders have controlled this county for agriculture — even changed laws to stop land sell-offs for housing. Now people must buy 5 acres of land, which would have helped this community and schools.

You’re willing to destroy the very land you fought to protect. Filling it with rebar and tons of concrete.

To turn this county around, growth takes people.

If families are to stay in Tipton County, there must be growth in things for families. This county cannot grow until its attitude is adjusted!

Pam Shuck