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July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Wind farm foesmake assumptions

In what appears to be a lack of understanding of our local government, a recent letter writer and the Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development (CRD) continue to try and make the case for wind farm opposition being supported by the majority of residents in Tipton County.

The letter writer highlights a ratio of 2 opponents to 1 proponent attending county meetings and tries to justify that this is a representation of the majority opinion. Unfortunately, what the letter writer and the CRD continue to not understand is that it is ALWAYS easier to turn people out who oppose something rather than turn people out who are in favor of something. Had the CRD participated in county affairs in the past, its members would be well aware of this fact.

Showing up at the 11th hour on one specific topic does not represent county-wide participation.

Members of the CRD tried to make the case that because a couple hundred surveys had been completed in regard to the comprehensive plan, the Planning Commission should listen to the majority of survey respondents. What they failed to mention was that the survey respondents represent only about 0.024 percent of Tipton County residents. This brings into question just who the survey pool included or omitted.

Surveys are only as valid as the representative sampling gathered and the procedures followed.

The fact is, there are hundreds of landowners across Tipton County who expressed their support for wind energy by entering into leases with developers. Many additional Tipton landowners and taxpayers agree we need renewable, clean energy for our county and our country.

America needs many sources of energy to remain free: energy from wind farms, from coal, hydroelectric dams, natural gas, oil sands and oil. The CRD likes to assume that because all the Tipton County landowners don’t show up in droves at every county meeting, they must be opposed. CRD likes to assume that having around 125 people at the Comprehensive Plan meeting (or less than 1 percent of county residents) means they are in the majority.

Incidentally, more than 40 of the 125 people who opposed wind farms in Tipton County were not even Tipton County landowners.

Tipton County desperately needs an economic boost, and juwi and E.ON wind energy will provide an opportunity for growth. Let’s move forward, not backward. While the status quo may seem comfortable, true progress never stands still.

And you know what they say about assumptions.

Karen Adams


City residents, too, could see turbines

The city of Tipton has the same wind farm ordinance as Tipton County. What this means is that anyone living on the outskirts of the city, before the 2-mile radius, could be affected by wind turbines that could be built within that 2-mile buffer.

If you could be affected and are not favorable to this, you can attend a Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development meeting in Kempton at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Look forward to meeting you.

Jim Leffler


‘Many want to take our unions out’

I was blessed to retire from Delphi in 2001. People in America must fight on for our unions, as many want to take our unions out.

So, people, you must ask God to help you. Put the right people in control. They all promise and don’t deliver.

I will never forget my committee person, Mike Whitman, and my great foreman, Dave Walker.

Shirley Wallace