Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

March 11, 2013

Letters to the editor - Monday, March 11, 2013

Coming to a field near you Kokomo

Do not think that the wind turbine issue in Tipton County is that county’s alone. This is an issue that is happening everywhere in the United States and the world. Denmark was the leading country in the world. They are now banning more wind turbines from being built on shore. They are building off shore as is Sweden and Germany. The reason they are moving them off shore is because their citizens are complaining about the noise and the health problems they are experiencing.

Every country in the world that is allowing wind turbines to be built near people is having the same problems as far as health problems and the noise. I would think that with this many identical problems all over the world, it would be a major red flag for our politicians to say “Whoa!” No more wind turbines until you can solve these issues.”

Besides the health problems, the properties being devalued, and the cost of these wind farms using OUR tax dollars, these wind farms have been known to cause power grid problems. They can cause major power failures to businesses and power grid expenses as well as power failures to residential areas. With the knowledge that this could happen, why would we want a foreign country to have that much power over our electrical systems that we have to depend on for everything that we do? Have you ever been in a business and seen their computer system go down and the cashier had trouble counting out the correct change if they could get the cash drawer open at all? Now magnify that millions of times over, and imagine what this country would be like.

These wind turbines are termed as a renewable energy source because the wind blows somewhere every day, but it doesn’t always blow or blow hard enough or it may be blowing too hard. The wind turbines can’t run unless the wind is blowing at least five miles an hour. If the wind is blowing over forty five miles an hour, then the wind turbine is designed to have its brakes come on. Either way, the turbines aren’t producing electricity, and since we can’t store the electricity, then our power plants have to keep producing electricity to keep our businesses open and our homes functioning the way we have become accustomed to it doing. (Oh by the way, when the brakes get a little wear on them, then you get to listen to the brakes squealing real loud as they try to slow down the blades, just like your car brakes squeal real loud when you need new ones.)

NO power plants have been shut down or closed because of wind turbine farms. And I am talking the United States or anywhere in the world. Do as I did when I was approached about these wind turbines. I refused to side either way until I did my own research. I was amazed at the information I found through many sources.

At the beginning of this, I said that this issue is not Tipton County’s alone because it is going to be near other counties and do the same harm to their citizens. Do you know that the Howard County Commissioners gave their “blessings” to the wind turbine farms in May of 2012?

Do you know that the Howard County Council voted to give Tax Abatements to E-on Wind Company at their meeting on June 26, 2012? The next step for the wind farms is the zoning board, so look around at the field next to you. By the end of this year or next year at the latest, you could have a wind turbine next to you. I have heard people say that they would just move. Pull up the wind turbine discussions for the state of Indiana, and you will find that just about every county in the state has either passed, or is in the process of it. So, where do these people think that they are going to move to? And by juwi’s own words, they have the wind patterns for the entire United States, so where can you go to get away from them? Nowhere unless we all join together to stop these things.

Let’s not harm the earth, people and animals trying to save them!

Jerry W. Eads, Sharpsville

Abortion is not a constitutional right

Who among us, in the wildest stretch of their imagination, could believe in or approve of the “right” we have been given by our court system to abort millions of our unborn babies?

Our Constitution does not and cannot give us such a “right.” Our Constitution acknowledges God as creator and the source of the foundation for our nation, and it preserves for us the rights that come from God. In no way does God give us a right that our Constitution can guarantee, that enables us to legally, morally or spiritually abort staggering numbers of our unborn children.

We the people must take action now and put a stop to this unholy foundation we have laid because our demise is being built upon it. We must petition our government with a request that they demand from the courts to reveal upon what part of the Constitution their decision to grant us “recreational abortion” is based. We would like to know, did they ask God about what they were doing, did they really think they had his support on this? Can they explain to us how they reconcile God with this “right” to abortion they have given us?

Recreational abortion is not a “right” that came from either God or our Constitution. This “right” is unconstitutional, and it is certainly unholy. Or government must repeal this law and nullify this “right” that we are not authorized to have. The very idea that we have accepted this and do nothing about it says a lot about who we are, what we believe, where we want to go, and how we want to get there.

We do not have God’s blessing in this, and it is not a wise thing to go about something without God in it. It’s unfathomable we can veer away from our Constitution to the degree necessary to come up with such a ghastly concept as “recreational abortion,” and call it a “right” to which we think we are entitled. To not call the appropriate courts to account for such thinking is even more unfathomable.

How do we look to the rest of the world, who looks to us as the measure of a moral standard desirable to be achieved if we are going to be even minimally representative of a successful civilization, when we call aborting our babies a “right” belonging to our system of government? The sands of time have blown over more than one set of ruins left behind by a people who turned away from God.

What kind of people are we and what way are we going to go?

Jeff Hatton, Greentown

Kokomo needs Chrysler now

I waited for the official announcement of the new Chrysler investments and additional jobs coming to Kokomo before commenting on the good news.

Call me a doubting Thomas, but a few years ago I did not think there would be a Chrysler company at all, let alone any remaining factories in Kokomo. We have seen the failed mergers and missed opportunities before, and I thought a merger with Fiat was another foolish move. I am thrilled that I was wrong.

I am not employed by Chrysler, nor do I have any immediate family members working there. I am a property owner and a proud resident of this wonderful city. I take pride in calling Kokomo my home. I have lived here all my life.

All of us benefit when jobs are secured and income is spent here. For those of us not employed by the local factories, those dollars do trickle down to my employer and yours to keep our doors open so we can prosper as well.

For a stark reminder to what could have been is to take a drive past the former Delco plant on East Boulevard and see the vast empty building. It reminds me of a big, ugly tombstone. My mother worked there, and that plant provided for our family.

Kokomo is so fortunate to have the leadership to keep our focus on Chrysler’s survival. They, too, have witnessed the challenges and failures of the past. We saw the oil embargo in the early 1970s and the uncertainty of the first bankruptcy that could have closed the plants several years later.

I commend our mayor, Mr. Goodnight, and his administration, all our city and county government, the county treasurers for those many, many hours to get tax monies owed to our county back to us. The Greater Economic Development Alliance, and, most importantly, the workers in those plants, showed grit and determination and fought to keep us in the game. I want the good news to continue and the jobs to remain here for many more years. All of us in Kokomo and Tipton are taxpayers, and that makes us stakeholders, too, as our tax dollars are being used as credits to the new investments.

We all should be recognized for our part with additional discounts for Chrysler vehicles, parts and service. Kokomo needs Chrysler now more than ever for our city to thrive.

Bill Kaufman, Kokomo