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May 11, 2014

LETTERS: Rules about building materials restrictive; animal abuse is wrong

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Rules about building materials restrictive

Liberty: Is it just a word in our dictionary that no longer has any true meaning for us? It appears to some of us our liberty, in many instances, no longer exists.

Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Many of our brothers, sisters and fathers in uniform died to protect these precious liberties.

Yet we have in our city government those who would take it upon themselves to deny many of us the liberty to decide for ourselves how we must live. They dictate to us we cannot have building materials on our property. It doesn’t make any difference that the property owner is refurbishing his house. Many times we are told we have only 10 days to finish our project. Some of these projects may take up to six months to complete, maybe even more. Yet we are subjected to taking orders from one acting as a dictator.

This treatment comes from the office of our city inspector.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all of our city inspectors are this way. There is only one who has shown such disrespect to hardworking citizens of Kokomo.

I have tried three times to talk to the mayor about this, but he does not seem to care how his employees mistreat the citizens of Kokomo. They destroy our property and they don’t care.

I have talked to the one who treats our citizens like they have no liberties to handle their projects. However, he acts as if he is blind as to what progress has been made. He just wants his will done, regardless of the situation. He does not listen!

There are other infractions of our liberties too numerous to mention in this letter. Please forgive me for not writing this letter sooner.

Will there be repercussions? Probably!

Jim Shaffer


’Nurses lead way’at N. Indiana VA

I am very pleased to recognize an extraordinary group of employees at VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, who dedicate their many skills, talents and expertise in caring for veterans with genuine compassion: our nursing staff.

As we celebrate National Nurses’ Week with the national theme “Nurses Lead The Way,” let us be reminded that VA Northern Indiana Health Care System has more than 500 nurses within our facility who have worked very hard to earn degrees of varying levels for the direct care they provide. Our nurses take the job of helping and healing to new heights. This ever-changing VA offers many challenges in how we deliver health care, however, our nursing staff remains the constant in a sea of change by helping veterans achieve optimal health outcomes. Nurses work to ease the burdens our veterans experience, ensuring they receive their care with respect and dignity. Nurses truly show their care and concern for those we are so privileged to serve. Thank you for all that you do. We applaud your loyalty, commitment and enthusiasm for the profession we are so glad you chose!

I would like to thank all of the nurses, not only in the VA but as well as in our local communities for their dedication and devotion to such a caring profession of taking care of our loved ones. Happy Nurses Week and, truly, nurses lead the way.

Denise M. Deitzen

Director, N. Indiana

Health Care System

Penalties for animal abuse are too lax

In response to Ray Wilson’s letter to the editor about killing unneeded animals, God bless you, and God help the world.

I totally agree violence to animals is no different than violence to humans. As Sri Aurobindo once said, “Life is life — whether in a cat or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.”

In my opinion, penalties for animal abuse should be the same as penalties for child abuse.

Several years ago, my husband noticed a truck jammed full of hogs. They had no room to move. They were on their way to be lined up and killed. Pigs are smart animals. My husband and I were very upset about the way the poor, defenseless animals were jammed in the truck and the horror they were about to go through at the slaughterhouse.

My husband said, “That does it. I’ll never eat meat again.” He kept his word. We are now vegans. It is a great feeling to know no animals are harmed because of us.

Patty Trinca

South Bend