Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

May 15, 2014

LETTERS: Stop spending money, mayor; Bundy standing up to feds

Kokomo Tribune

---- — ‘Please, mayor, stop spending my money’

In response to Monday’s announcement of yet another multi-million dollar project for Kokomo, I beg of you, Mayor Goodnight, stop spending our money!

I am sick and tired of your pet projects that continue to spring up all over Kokomo. I hope you do understand the money you are spending is mine and my neighbors’ money, right?

The city of Kokomo does not produce any product or get paid a wage. The money you are spending is ours, not yours. My city taxes went up 33 percent for calendar year 2014 (from $900 to $1,200). How can you say with a straight face that all of these multi-million dollar projects are being completed within a surplus in the budget? You only get a surplus by increasing everyone’s taxes.

I wish I could just raise my income with the stroke of a pen and bring in 33 percent more money to spend. Maybe my wife and I would go on a cruise, or buy a new Corvette, or maybe build a baseball stadium!

Every time I see a new bump-out on a corner sidewalk, I realize I bought that for you. Did you say, “Thank you,” to me for the gift? Nope, you just look for the next place you can spend millions of dollars that do not belong to you.

Please, Mr. Goodnight, stop spending my money.

Greg Finley


Bundy standing up to federal overreach

I have heard commentary from so-called liberals denouncing Cliven Bundy’s refusal to take orders from the Bureau of Land Management. These so-called liberals argue that Mr. Bundy is cheating the taxpayer and ignoring the demands of our wise overlords. History teaches us that it’s within the state’s nature to grow more totalitarian overtime, but popular resistance from an uncompromising citizenry provides a check against state usurpation. Therefore, when men like Mr. Bundy stand up to federal overreach, as citizens we have a duty not to dismiss them but instead hear their grievances.

Jefferson drafted the Kentucky Resolutions to nullify the federal government’s Alien and Sedition laws. Jesus died on the cross because the Pharisees were upholding their law. I raised these facts to prove that law and justice are not harmonious.

Most of the ranchers have gone out of business because they cannot afford to pay punitive grazing fees and still operate profitably. This means that the consumer will now have to pay higher prices for beef, due to the decrease in meat production. Plus, the militarized BLM cost the taxpayer untold millions, whereas, the Bundy operation doesn’t cost the taxpayer anything.

Animal activists should be reprimanding the BLM because now, instead of cattle being able to run happily upon thousands of acres, all future cattle that could have roamed those public lands may spend their life at an industrial feedlot.

Charles De Montesquieu once said, “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” I believe after decades of imposing legal fines and after the BLM’s militaristic tactics used against Americans, the government should forgive the penalties and divest acreage to Mr. Bundy to run his operation effectively. This is the most peaceful and just solution. But that is a fantasy since the nature of the state is to increase power and enact retribution against those who don’t follow its rule.

Clarence Leatherbury

Student, McKinney

School of Law


Faithful officialspray for city, county

My wife and I attended the National Day of Prayer event downtown. We were not only blessed by the program, music, prayers and message, but also by the many city and county officials who attended.

We’d like to commend Mayor Goodnight for his commitment to personally deliver the proclamation rather than send a representative. We were filled with a sense of pride to see Chief Rob Baker, Capt. Chris Smith and several other of Kokomo’s finest, all in uniform, standing in support of prayer.

The very windy and overcast weather didn’t prevent Kokomo Councilwoman Cindy Sanders or County Commissioners Tyler Moore and Paul Wyman from attending. As my wife stood behind me, attempting to escape the wind, she noticed Judge Murray standing in attendance, braving the elements in a dress.

Kokomo is blessed indeed to have men and women in leadership who understand the importance of praying for our great city.

Roger Ambrose