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July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — You cannot argue against experience

The article “Consumer group enters the wind farm battle” in the Kokomo Tribune was an interesting read — interesting, but misleading.

The so-called Citizens Action Coalition (CAC), which you list as a “state consumer rights organization,” is nothing more than a left-wing liberal tree-hugging group whose goal is to push its own agenda, regardless of facts. (Note: I have no problem with environmentalists, as I love our environment as well, but not when it infringes on people’s rights, and especially when deception is used).

Kerwin Olson, executive director of CAC, plays the accuse-and-mislead game by saying things like “another unknown is how the anti-wind organizations are being funded” and “we would question the motives of those opposed to wind energy.” Nothing like planting doubt into the motives of people.

The local wind opponents have been very open and have offered to share where the money comes from: local people, farmers, landowners, teachers, pastors, etc., who are opposed to the raping of our county! I’ve been to the CAC website. Much of the funding sources it lists are groups like the Sierra Club, liberal trusts and the like.

Olson says any property value decrease claims are simply not true, but then follows it with admitting, “It’s too early to know of the impact in Indiana”. He does admit “… there could be some validity to health claims”. He easily dismissed most all claims, studies and evidence that has been presented as “off-the-wall, unsubstantiated statements”, neglecting to ever look into the actual issues or the peer-reviewed studies and experts behind them.

It’s easy to accuse someone as having an agenda and making things up, but let’s look at the facts! If there are false facts being presented, point to it, each one, and show the evidence that “proves” the statement is wrong! I don’t think that can be done.

The studies presented by juwi, E.ON and industrial wind turbine supporters have clauses or statements to the effect that “not enough data is available to substantiate” or “there is insufficient evidence”, “there is limited evidence”, “further study is necessary”, and so on. Some of the claims against wind energy do not yet have the studies to support them, but at the same time, there are no studies that can absolutely, 100 percent say the claims are false and unfounded.

The people with the problems are real people living by the the turbines, with real experiences and real problems. You cannot argue against another person’s experience! For example, if you and I both taste a strawberry, I may describe it as sweet, wonderful, tasty and so on, and you may say it is sour, grainy and awful. Who is right? Same strawberry, different experiences and opinions.

So, I turn the tables on the CAC. Let’s be transparent about where your money comes from, what types of groups and what your agenda is. Show, factually, that anything the Tipton County CRD or WindWatch.org have said is indisputably incorrect.

Kevin Vanosdol