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October 12, 2012

Letters to the editor - Saturday, Oct, 14, 2012

For the Kokomo Tribune

‘Class’ designations cause jealousy, rage

I would like to challenge a long-held notion (going back at least to Karl Marx) that mankind must be sorted or lumped into classes. Most commonly, we hear of the upper, middle and lower classes. In a town rife with unions and unionism, we mainly hear about the middle class.

To be sure, leader after leader of the Democratic Party and various holders of political office who are Democrat shout, proclaim and aver that the middle class is a target of Republicans. They claim that if it weren’t for labor unions, there would be no middle class.

First, I soundly reject the notion. I would agree with the late Margaret Thatcher, who stated, “Class is a communist concept. It groups people in bundles and sets them against one another.”

I personally see no other purpose to having “classes” of people than to pit them in a battle of jealousy, and depending on your political persuasion, rage. If we accept the universal principle that some will always have more and some will always have less, and it is the responsibility of those with more to VOLUNTARILY help those with less – be it employment in the businesses created, owned and operated by those with more or be it with charity – there will be no need for classes in society.

Those who perpetuate the, yes, class warfare have nothing but self-interest at heart. Why does no one seem to notice that in dictatorships, communist and socialist societies, only one class – the ruling class – actually benefits from and enjoys life and the fruits of the labors of the “equalized classes”?

Rick Glover Sr.


4 more years will destroy America

I have never seen such division in this country. The poor are good people; the rich are bad people? I have actually found both in each class.

The poor can’t help the poor. Someone has to work really hard to make the money that gives them a job and benefits. The government can’t give you more than it takes.

There is a new book out that talks about this president and his family spending more money for vacations, staff for their dog, his wife’s huge staff, expenditures and flying Air Force One on frivolous journeys. A couple of examples: President Obama took Air Force One to Ireland to dedicate a pub named after him, he flies to California to play golf with his movie star friends then stops in Colorado on his way home to do a photo shoot with five Marines to justify his trip.

To put this in prospective, Mitt Romney is worth $250 million. President Obama has spent more than $1.4 billion so far on mostly frivolous stuff, more than four times Mitt Romney’s net worth.

As Bill Clinton would say, “Now listen to me,” the difference is THAT was not Barack Obama’s money, it was yours and mine, the TAXPAYERS. An individual’s worth when he or she is a Democrat is never questioned if your name is Kennedy or John Kerry. All of a sudden, Mitt Romney’s is.

After frivolously spending $1.4 billion, do you think the president can relate to you? He can relate to Jay-Z and Beyonce, but he can’t relate to you unless you’re going to be spending that amount of money.

We should have a successful president to mentor us on our way to wealth. This country needs jobs, not handouts. We are a compassionate country, and we will take care of those who need it.

This current president and his cronies are not qualified. He can’t lead, and this latest terrorist attack that killed four men, including our ambassador, and the cover-up proves it.

Four more years will destroy this country! Cut out this letter and read it in four years. Depending on who is elected, call me and tell me what this country looks like. Vote wisely this time. Your family depends on it.

Jim Richardson