Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

October 31, 2012

Letters to the editor - Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012

Kokomo — Vote as an American, not as a Democrat

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. I wanted to believe that he could make things better, more transparent, more honest.

His promise of having congressional hearings out in the open on C-SPAN was a great idea. I thought that giving us, the folks back home, a minimum of three days to check out legislative ideas online before a vote took place was a great idea. I thought that he was a man who would bring people together to solve issues rather than perpetuate divisions. I thought he was the kind of man who could lead our country in a better direction.

We got no C-SPAN, no three-day look at legislation, health care legislation that had to be passed in order to find out what was in it, and Washington business-as-usual, with even more strident divisions between groups and classes of people.

I liked that Mr. Obama hit President Bush hard on his deficit increases of $5 trillion over eight years in the White House, and that he would cut it in half during his term. What we got was a president who increased the deficit by another $7 trillion in four years, and he plans to increase spending on more programs like Medicare, health care and Social Security.

I thought the president would be the leader we needed to address and heal our relationships around the world, especially in the Middle East. Our relationship with the Muslim world appears to be one of weakness and appeasement. While sanctions in Iran have had limited success, Iran is much closer to having a nuclear weapon that would be available to the highest terrorist bidder.

Our relationship with Israel is more strained than it has been in years, thanks to the president’s suggestion for the Israelis to return to their borders before the 1967 war, as well as the president’s neglect and refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on three separate occasions in the past year. This is the one relationship that we cannot afford to neglect, as Israel is the key to maintaining peace in that part of the world.

I thought Mr. Obama would help us to become more energy independent and reduce our costs for fuel. I again was wrong. The president’s energy secretary stated that gas prices would have to rise to the same level as those in Europe. That is between $8 and $9 per gallon. Since Mr. Obama became our president, gasoline prices have gone from about $1.80 a gallon to about $4 a gallon here in Indiana. I have trouble affording $4 per gallon.

The president refused to approve the Keystone Pipeline that would have opened crude supplies with a much-friendlier trading partner in Canada, and it would have created more than 20,000 really good union jobs.

My president has been one of my greatest disappointments as a concerned American voter. I made a poor choice in 2008. This year, I am voting as an American, not as a dedicated Democrat. I encourage others to do the same.

Steve Long, Kokomo

Experience of Munoz would benefit county

Writing a letter in support of someone seeking office is not something I do. However, we have an exceptional young man seeking a position on the Howard County Council this year.

Paul Munoz is someone I have known for 15 years. He is a dedicated family man and public servant.

Paul understands that baby boomers are looking for something different from their government, and he has focused on building a healthier environment for all our citizens.

Paul has worked in city and town government for many years, he understands it, and he would benefit Howard County very much. Paul has my support and vote.

Marty Quillen, Kokomo