Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

February 27, 2013

Letter to the editor - Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Without God, we live by the sword

With recent shootings in public schools, our government proposes to respond by putting armed people in the schools. Already, there is an officer on duty in our local Social Security office, and security is ever-increasing at entrances to our courthouse.

A time is coming when there will be more security in retail store parking lots, in banks, in every major place where business is transacted, everywhere large numbers of people gather, and airport-like security for major buildings.

We are becoming a people who “live by the sword,” as the Bible puts it. We are descending and not ascending to levels of collective understanding of what it takes to exist successfully as a nation.

Our problems stem from our continual movement away from God. Our nation was founded upon the understanding that God was at the head of it. Our Constitution was written acknowledging that our rights come from God. Our Constitution does not give us rights or establishes rights, it guarantees rights God has given.

God knows, as does our Constitution, that there will be dissenters who do not want God over the nation or them. They choose not to believe in him, and this right — from God — is guaranteed them.

But God cannot be separated from our politics, our government or our nation. Our Constitution is based upon God’s principles, our nation’s business is conducted and our laws are written in reflection of God. The dissenters who object are even now living under such a condition without losing their right to object or their self-chosen identity.

Our current Constitution cannot grant dissenters their desire to remove God from the head of our nation. To do that, a new Constitution would have to be written denying God inspired it, denying everything comes from God. What rights and moral authority we would have would come from that Constitution — or men — and not from God.

Actually, this is what we are doing now, as certain court rulings give us “rights” granted by men and not God.

As a collective people we must begin to do certain things. Put guns in our schools — we have descended that far already — but put God back into our schools as well. Post the Ten Commandments, offer prayer at the start of each day and before all events we would like blessed, offer classes based upon our national Christian concept of religion.

The traditional family core must be strengthened, encouraged and emphasized — we must wean ourselves off of the spiritual emptiness of recreational sexual activities and unmarried cohabitation. Movie and television content must become more representative of God’s values. Individual responsibility as to how to contribute positively to the whole of a successful civilization must be conscious in us all.

There will always be dissenters, but we must move forward collectively and start now to build a new generation that understands life differently than the way we do today. All of the pieces are in place — to ascend or to descend.

When this new generation begins to redefine and reconceive our nation acknowledged under God, then we will begin to see some of our current problems diminish — without the use of a sword!

Jeff Hatton, Greentown