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November 17, 2013

Nov. 17, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — You can speak outat alcohol hearing

A man has good, moral character if he does not seek or promote immoral entertainment.

For instance, if a city administrator, a council member, a pastor, or for that matter any married or single man, is seen patronizing a sexually oriented business, or if a picture of him snuggling next to a stripper is seen in the paper, the community would correctly perceive that man as not possessing good, moral character.

How then can an owner of a club be perceived by the community as having good, moral character, which is the first criterion for an alcohol license in Indiana? This is ludicrous, of course, but because the community does not raise an objection, the owner receives his license renewals year after year with no remonstrance.

And, because this business involves immoral entertainment, the negative secondary effects downgrade the city.

Yet, it does not have to be this way.

The members of the community can speak out at a state hearing to request the denial of an alcohol license. The next hearing for a strip bar in Kokomo will be for Hiphugger, held at 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 25, on the third floor of 220 N. Main Street, in the council chambers.

Don BurrisKokomo

Turbine electricity not going to Tipton

The leaseholders say they are “saving the farm for the kids.” Whatever they say, it is their land.

It is our land and homes that are losing substantial value.

The leaseholders may like looking at these industrial-sized wind turbines and not mind them falling apart past their usage. Frankly, I didn’t sign up to see those things when my husband and I bought our land. We love the landscape and neighbors as they are.

People, wake up!

The main thing we need to remember is the electricity is not going to Tipton County! It is not even going anywhere in Indiana! It goes to other locations outside of our state.

Let those people have their own industrial wind turbines.

Serena Melton


Selfishness: Issue needs addressed

In a recent article concerning worsening infant mortality rates, Dr. David Lakey, head of the Texas Department of State Health Services, declared, “We have a moral obligation to confront this issue.”

It is sadly ironic that the only time elected and unelected government officials determine an issue to be a “moral obligation” is when it provides them the opportunity to demand more taxpayer money, build a bigger bureaucracy and apply insufficient Band-Aides that cannot solve the problems.

Worsening infant mortality rates need to be addressed, but the moral issue to address is the selfish behavior that inevitably follows mocking and rejecting God. The consequences of the resultant immoral behavior are many and include: increased numbers of individuals and families living in poverty; the sexual exploitation of girls and women through human trafficking; the rise of more virulent sexually transmitted diseases that result in the death of even innocent victims like Ryan White; and the explosion of unbridled violence.

Confiscating more taxpayer resources to build bigger bureaucracies will not successfully address these issues. Instilling a proper reverence for God’s love, mercy and salvation back into our culture will address the problems at the source.

As we enter into our seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, consider the improvements available to your life by simply replacing human secularist self-centeredness with joyful service to God and his creation.

Charles A. Layne

Bunker Hill

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