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August 29, 2013

Aug. 29, 2013: Letters to the editor

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---- — U.S. is a republic,not true democracy

For some time I have heard people committing what the dictionary defines as “verbicide,” deliberate distortion of the sense of a word (as in punning), as with the word “democracy” that everyday people, news media and politicians all use. You won’t find this word in the Constitution or in the Pledge of Allegiance (to the republic for which it stands). We shouldn’t wish that a country should have a democracy. We should wish them liberty and freedom.

Democracy, I believe, has morphed into a new meaning, which is why I think it is defined by the term verbicide. Democracy is a feel-good term, as in anything goes, and I believe it creates confusion. Republic is a set of laws to live by, hence, the Constitution. Next to the Bible, I believe this is the greatest document ever written. The framers did such a good job. It seems they were ordained by God to have done so. Of course, even saying that will drive the atheists crazy. Doesn’t it seem ironic that even they need God? Who else could they not believe in? The best way I can think of to explain this is when we have an airport with a control tower, the air-traffic controllers have rules they go by to direct the airplanes into a safe landing, thereby creating safety for the passengers.

That could be construed as a republic, with laws and a set of rules to go by.

Democracy would be an airport with no control towers, and the pilots would just fly in however they choose or whatever feels good. Look around, can you see the mess democracy has gotten us into? Examples are taking prayer out of schools, abortion, cities going bankrupt, people behaving badly, executive orders circumventing the Constitution, no direction or compass, Benghazi, IRS, etc. The administration in Washington tries to beat down the Constitution, and so it goes like the song, on and on. Show me any sign of intelligence in the current leadership of this country.

Soon 51 percent of the country will decide not to work and take entitlements, which place a hardship on the good, hard-working 49 percent of Americans who have to support the ones that decide not to work; that is a democracy. Jobs are plentiful; the problem centers on people not wanting to work them. As long as you pay people not to work for votes, people will not work. At some point a democracy will commit suicide.

Sadly it will take most of us down when it fails. Our last line of defense is our county sheriffs and police across the United States. When taking the oath of office, they swear to protect the Constitution of the United States. I hope they remember that when trying to arrest peaceful demonstrators of this president.

Jim Richardson


All Tipton residents deserve security

There has been so much written on the property value issue and the Tipton County Board of Zoning Appeals’ requirement to juwi to provide non-participating homeowners with a property value guarantee, I think some important things have gotten lost in the argument.

In September of last year, before my husband and I learned of the impending installation of industrial wind turbines, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Believe me, when you hear that word your entire world is turned upside down. Sadly, we had to have the conversation no couple ever wants to have. That of what will I do if he doesn’t survive.

Having worked hard and staying within our means for 30 years, we knew we were close to paying off the house, so I would be safe and sound in my own home without the fear of where I’ll go. I knew that gave me the security I would need until I would have to make the decision of how long to stay in my home.

At the time, we were confident that if and when I would decide to move, the value of our home would at least allow me to move on to another house or condo of comparable quality and pay it off completely. More security that we’ve worked all our lives for.

Now, I’m not that confident at all.

The sad reality coming out of Windfall is that some people are not only losing value in their homes, they are not able to sell them at all. This essentially makes their homes worthless.

I think the future of homeowners in Tipton County and the changes that take place in all our lives is being overlooked. There are many things that may cause a homeowner to decide to move. Illness, death, divorce or a change in employment.

I urge all of our county leaders to be more interested in the future security of all Tipton County residents, not just the few who stand to benefit financially.

Theresa Vaughn