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September 5, 2013

Sept. 5, 2013: Letters to the editor

Kokomo Tribune

---- — Obama abuses rules for executive orders

The Obama White House is abusing the provision for executive orders by instituting them more than any prior president. Both parties have used executive orders to bypass the Congress of the United States. It is time the American citizens put pressure on their senators and congressmen and congesswomen to pass a law to eliminate this procedure.

The executive orders provision is a door to dictatorship. When our country was founded, the founding fathers, in their wisdom, decided on three parts of government, i.e., the executive branch, the judicial branch and the legislative branch. The reasoning behind this was that no one part of the government would have access to full control of the country. The Obama administration has been circumventing the Congress because it cannot get its liberal agenda passed. There is a reason this agenda does not get passed: Elected officials, representing their districts in the United States, do not agree with them.

Our country cannot afford to sit back and let the Obama administration do as it pleases. If we continue to allow executive orders to persist, then there will come a time when there will be no use for the Congress of the United States and we will, unfortunately, come under control of a dictatorship.

As I said before, both parties have been guilty of using executive orders. However, this administration has grown quite fond of them and that is dangerous. Write or phone your senator and representative and tell them it is time Congress passed a law to derail this order for the sake of preserving the Constitution of our country.

Melvin E. Armstrong


Turbines are a big deal to letter writers

Yes, there are other subjects to discuss in letters to the editor. But for thousands of readers and concerned citizens of both Tipton County and Howard County, at this time, wind farms are a big deal!

Yes, we are afraid of possible health issues and worry about one of these things being too close to a school. We love our children!

People who haven’t driven over to Windfall, plug it into your GPS and drive on over. You owe it to yourself and your family to take a look. Talk to the people who are living this nightmare! Ask them what has happened to their way of life. Then ask your family what they think.

So, yes, this is important to us all, being surrounded by these things. We need to be very careful when we don’t know the full repercussions, not only because of property value loss but the one thing that is so precious to us all: health. Studies are becoming more and more pointed that these things are certainly not meant to be around people.

So, if this is a little boring to some, you are sure welcome to come on down. We can find several people who will take the time to explain to you why we should all be interested, not only for ourselves but for our neighbors. I am certain if you felt threatened by something in your neck of the woods, you would feel the people of the area should understand and want them to help you.

I would be more than happy to personally explain and educate you on some of these issues! Before making a decision on something, it is always good to educate ourselves!

Dave Lawson


Clean up after your pet in Foster Park

The city of Kokomo and the Parks Department have made a beautiful place for people to walk and enjoy the scenery in Foster Park. However, I am appalled at the folks who love to walk their dogs there but are too lazy or don’t care enough to clean up after them.

I know the geese are a problem, too; but they are not being led by a presumed intelligent individual.

The Parks Department has provided bags by the foot bridge for clean up; and if you can’t use these, then please don’t bring your dog to the trails in the park. Let them do their business in your own yard so the rest of us don’t have to see it and avoid stepping in it! Please show some consideration and cooperation.

Dick Sanburn