Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana

September 28, 2012

Letters to the editor - Friday, Sept. 28, 2012

Presidency hinges on women’s issues

In response to a Wednesday letter endorsing Mitt Romney for president, I would like to share the reason I am voting for President Obama.

I believe in equal rights for everyone, and I mean everyone, regardless of color, religion, sex, etc.

I believe in our trade unions. Look what has transpired since Republicans have written us off as a bad joke. We were strong, unified, and were able to make a good contribution to Kokomo and our families.

I believe Mr. Obama when he said he believes in redistributing wealth. That is how you can become middle class. (That is an easy one). Romney doesn’t care about the 47 percent of voters who don’t pay federal income taxes.

When you have a strong middle class of people, more wealth will trickle down to the lower classes.

Most important are women’s rights. This will be the biggest factor in the race for the presidency.

We women worked hard through the years to achieve these rights. Don’t let one man take them all away.

Also, Mr. Romney didn’t even take the time in his campaign speech to mention our military or their families. It was pitiful.

I could go on and on, but I will close and ask you one question: Do you believe in big corporate greed?

Bonnie Rossman, Kokomo

Vets, autoworkers helped by Donnelly

As a veteran and retired autoworker, I would like to let my fellow veterans and autoworkers know about a man who has stood up and fought hard for us.

While others would like to take our benefits and jobs, Congressman Joe Donnelly has fought long and hard for us.

I am not one who has a high opinion of politicians, but the congressman and hopefully the future Sen. Donnelly has proven his loyalty over and over again.

I know from personal experience, as well as talking to other veterans, that he is someone who deserves our support because he has been there for us.

Congressman Donnelly is on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and works very hard for veterans’ rights. He also supported Chrysler workers while his opponent sued the government for helping Chrysler.

A vote for Richard Mourdock is a roll of the dice, while a vote for Congressman Donnelly is a vote for someone who has a proven track record.

So when you go to the polls, I ask you to think about which candidate would be most likely to support us.

I believe I know the answer, and it is Congressman Joe Donnelly.

Ivan Mumaugh, Kokomo